3DP Applications

3D Printed Zebra & Other Animals

Some (more) stunning 3D design work is available on Shapeways and presents a 3D printed zebra. The design was created by Dotsan, who is experimenting with telling a story using minimal material in order keep the 3D printing costs low while inspiring the imagination. The Zebra head is perfect for this concept: the designer was able to concentrate on only printing the black parts, and leaving the white empty.

Using different colours — for the time being — is not desirable due to the tumbling process and design fragility, as the aim was to keep the costs as low as possible. However, spray painting during the finishing process is always an option. The materials available for the zebra head design are BSF and WSF, of which both materials tell a different story.

3D printed zebra black and white

3D printed zebra scale

3d printed zebra white

3D printed zebra with friends black

3Dprinted zebra with friends white

“Dotsan” or more officially Dot San Ltd is a 3D product design agency that creates and delivers 3D files and images for marketing, 3D printing and manufacture. They use the latest software including Rhino 3D for CAD modelling and Maxwell Render for photorealistic images.

Dot San is not a newcomer to this field: they have operated for more than 10 years in the design sector and have built a reputation for delivering great client service and satisfaction. Some client testimonials are available at Shapeways, interested readers can follow Dot San projects on FlickrFacebook and Twitter. Or, visit the website for more information.