3D Creation Systems — Industrial Grade 3D Printing Facility Offering Membership Options

3D Creation Systems has gone live in the last 24 hours – offering production grade 3D printing services to a global market.

The business model for the new start-up is quite an interesting one. At first glance it looks a lot like a traditional RP bureau service offering, but it actually goes some way beyond that.

3D Creation Systems, based in Minneapolis, USA, has built up a  $2 million dollar advanced additive manufacturing facility offering a range of 3D printing processes that include SLS, SLA, FDM, Multi-Jet and composite technologies. The organization is now inviting members that will allow access to the full facility for a number of hours commensurate with the level of membership purchased.

Advantages are many, according to 3D Creation Systems, including the fact that members can avoid the capital investment costs associated with these production grade 3D printing technologies together with expertise and advice on how to maximize time on the machines. Members can choose to be present for any projects or log-in from a remote location. This business model also negates equipment repairs and maintenance issues. Furthermore, the production facility also offers other utilities to its members such as a clean room environment and a fully furnished finishing department.

Members will also be able to take advantage of discounted 3DP material supplies as material is charged per cubic inch consumed.

Memebership levels, according to Brett Hanson, one of the founders of 3D Creation Systems are as follows:

$2500 receives 60 hours and 6 bonus

$5000 receives 140 hours and 14 bonus

$10,000 receives 320 hours 32 bonus

$25,000 receives 900 hours 90 bonus

[NB: The bonus hours are for pledging for an educational, non-profit, interested party the only additional charge is the cost of material.]

Source: 3D Creation Systems

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