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3D Printed Ceramic Products: Intersection of Art & Engineering

One of the most intriguing application areas of 3D printing comes from the developments that are happening with ceramic materials. And a company that is wholly focused on this is Figulo as it explores the art of manufacturing ceramics.

The company, with a 3D printing manufacturing facility in Boston, US, uses a range of equipment to print, fire and glaze unique and customized ceramic objects for a global client base that includes consumers, artists and businesses. The company claims to be revolutionizing the design and production of ceramic objects – enabled by 3D printing processes.

Figulo Corporation is up and running but the organization is currently trying to raise funds to expand its marketing efforts and outreach to consumers as well as develop next generation 3D printing manufacturing processes with ceramics. Figulo is one of 92 companies taking part in the $50k challenge on the crowd funding site VoltCrowd.

Figulo ceramic vase

By changing the design parameters for ceramics and freeing designers from the constraints of the mould and potters wheel, Figulo is looking to revolutionise the production of ceramic products. The compay has developed a unique 3D printing technology that redefines the way that ceramics are made and is looking to open up the world of ceramics to anyone with a computer, a design and access to the internet.

Led by Andrew Jeffrey, who has worked in and around the 3D printing industry for more than 20 years, Figulo employs a staff of dedicated 3D printing experts and ceramic artists working at the intersection of engineering and art to produce uniquely designed, functional, decorative, custom ceramic objects.

In supporting the crowd funding campaign backers will receive 3D printed ceramic objects from Figulo’s collection, which can be viewed here, in line with the amount they pledge.

3D printed ceramic vase

Figulo ceramic vase

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