Rules for Posting Comments


These rules outline what we consider to be acceptable and unacceptable content.

  • Rule 1: Your opinions are invited.
    We welcome your opinions on a wide range of topics. We want our readers to see and understand different points of view. Try to contribute to the thread, rather than just stating if you agree or disagree. Explain why you hold your opinion.
  • Rule 2: This is a public forum. Once your comment is online, everyone with Internet access can read it.
    Please make your comment clear to ensure that it is not misunderstood. Your comment may be rated by other users and categorised e.g. best and worst rated. You can express a strong opinion but please do so remembering that you are responsible for what you submit. Please also consider how your comment could be received by others, particularly those from other countries, cultures, genders, age groups, and so on.
  • Rule 3: Language and relevance.
    Be polite. Do not use swear words or crude language. Only English is allowed. Write about the topic, not about the other contributors
  • Rule 4: Report abuse.
    We strongly support the online community in maintaining high standards of participation. If you consider that a comment does not comply with these rules or our Terms of Use, please email us at [email protected]
  • Rule 5: No libel or other abuse.
    You must not make or encourage comments which are: Defamatory, false or misleading; Insulting, threatening or abusive; Obscene or of a sexual nature; Offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory against any religions or other groups.
  • Rule 6: Confidentiality, privacy and contempt.
    Please respect people’s privacy. You are not allowed to submit confidential or private information. For example, you must not post contact details of any person. You should not write anything which could prejudice pending or on-going court proceedings of which you are aware. For example, if you have personal knowledge about someone who has been arrested or charged or being prosecuted for an offence, you must not mention it. If you do you could be in contempt of court.
  • Rule 7: No advertising, solicitation or investigations.
    You must not use our website for: The promotion of any products or services or for any other commercial purpose; Any sponsorship, petition, campaign, scheme or chain message; An investigation e.g. tracing the whereabouts of any person.
  • Rule 8: No impersonation and proper disclosure.
    You must not pretend to be someone else (e.g. an expert, another user or a member of our team). You must not pretend that you are unconnected to a story or topic, when in fact you are. If you have a personal connection to a story or topic, you should disclose your connection or, where appropriate, not comment at all.
  • Rule 9: Acknowledge the sources of your information and do not infringe on copyright.
    You should properly acknowledge source of your content, and in no cases should you submit content, which would be an infringement of copyright.
  • Rule 10: Respect the spirit as well as the letter of the House Rules.
    In deciding what is acceptable, please also respect the spirit and tone of these rules and the community.
  • Rule 11: Removal of content.
    Reader comments that violate the letter or spirit of these rules or our Terms of Use will be be removed in their entirety.
  • Rule 12: Suspension and Termination.
    We reserve the right to suspend or ban an account at our sole discretion. Here are some reasons why we might do so: Breaching these rules or our Terms of Use; Serious failure to respect the spirit, principles, and tone of the community; Repeated conduct or comments that are abusive. Bans are generally for extreme cases and repeated serious abuse, and they apply to the user, not just the username or account.
  • Rule 13: Submission of Comments.
    By submitting any comment you agree to indemnify and hold harmless 3D Printing Industry from all claims, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) arising out of any comments posted or published by you.

3D Printing Industry has no control over individuals posting comments on any item and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of any comments. Some users may breach these terms and post comments that are misleading, untrue or offensive. You must bear all risk associated with your use of the Information and should not rely on comments when you make (or refrain from making) any specific investment or other decision.