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Company name: Crobics

Crobics is a free online application designed from the beginning to draw 3D models easily with concepts and tools understandable by everyone, provided that you have already stand up in front of a workbench, handling a saw a drill machine or glue.

Crobics is based on very simple principles:
• It is free and you don’t need any registration for using it.
• It runs online in your browser, meaning that you have nothing to install if you want to try it. Your files are saved on your computer as a file download, either in Crobics native format or in STL format for your 3D printer.
• It runs with or without (default) Webgl by selecting an option. You can run the application even with an old graphics board and even with an old computer.
• You can build a solid from primitive shapes, from a curve delimiting the base of the solid or by lathing a curve for solid of revolution. Threaded shafts are included in primitive solids.
• You can glue solids together, drill a solid with several shapes or saw a solid. You can drill a threaded hole.
• You can build your own tool for material removal
• You can of course move a solid on freehand basis or step by step or rotate a solid.
• You can work with one single view or 4 views to have in a glance the view of the result from various angles.
• It is advice working as much as possible in “2D” (front, left, top,…) and rotating the view in “3D” mode only for result verification. Some tools will only work in “2d” mode.

The purpose of CROBICS is to open 3D modeling to everyone and to convince everyone that he/she is able to create a 3D model, at least for simple objects.

Founding date: October, 2012
Phone Number: +33 6 07 61 78 13
Website Address:
Location: France
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