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3D Systems Readying to Hit Homes with New Cubes on the Way

After the excitement generated by the announcement at the last CES, the new Cube 3D Printers by 3D Systems are finally on the way to the market. 3D Systems has opened up pre-orders.

The sleek looking new Cube is set to ship for below $1000, offering dual colour 3D printing in both PLA and ABS. It not only looks like an Apple product but also works with its own iPhone App (and Android App) for mobile 3D printing.

The CubePro comes in at $2799 (a little more than the MakerBot 5th Gen) and will offer up to three colour 3D printing (like its predecessor the Cube X Trio) with 70 micron resolution and a controlled, enclosed print chamber. Along with PLA and ABS it will also be able to use nylon. Value packs for both 3D printers are available that include the Sense 3D scanner, cartridges and proprietary sculpting and modeling software.

The two machines were set to be released in mid 2014 so they seem to be on schedule. Will they be the definitive Christmas present?

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