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The new facility will focus on DLP 3D printing technologies and enhance Malaysia’s role as a driver behind 3D Printing in Asia. Materialise NV are a leading provider of Additive Manufacturing software and sophisticated 3D printing [...]

Rapid Prototyping Games & Toys Rapid prototyping is changing the way children use and interact with toys. Throughout time, toys have been an excellent way for children to use their creativity and imagination. Today, toys offer [...]

The history of Geistlich Biomaterials spans more than 160 years and is built on proud spirit of innovation and the pioneering achievements of its biomaterials. The Jubilee Anniversary for Geistlich has been focused on giving a voi [...]

3D Printing could even be making itself known in a bookstore near you, but don't worry, you'll still be able to enjoy that new book smell. Those paper pages won't be going anywhere. Anthony Phills, an award-winning designer, has d [...]

Who thought a Rat, some Gold and Silicone could turn into a tiny stingray? As odd as it sounds, a team of scientists have recently conducted a research project, where they used 3D printing and genetic engineering to create a biohy [...]

Just heading under way today, the Tour de France individual time trials are sure to draw a lot of national and international attention. Besides cyclists' impressive athleticism, however, viewers may also want to take note of impre [...]

Pokémon Go is finally being released across the globe, and the hype is real! Which team are you part of? Who did you pick as your starter Pokémon? For those who don't know what Pokémon Go is, its an app that't recently, allowing u [...]

The International Lighting Fair will be grandly held at the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Zhongshan, China. From now to October 20, 2016, visitors can visit the official website of the fair (http://www.gzlightingfair. [...]

If there's one thing you never thought you could put on your Bucket list, it would probably be something to do with space launch. However, thanks to the work of Rocket Lab, you're one step closer! You can choose your own launch da [...]

3D printing is like putty, constantly morphing and changing to suit the needs of many, but does it need more legislation? As 3D printing has had time in the spotlight since very early into its development its, allowed for many con [...]