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10 ways desktop 3D printers are sparking a medical revolution

The technology behind 3D printing has been around for decades, but desktop 3D printers have only recently become affordable enough to stand on our desks and manufacture physical objects for us, on-demand. Now desktop 3D printers a [...]

DIY: install lasers on your 3D printer

3D-printers have opened endless possibilities for home production and rapid prototyping. Now you can easily create practically any model in a 3D-program and 3D print it. But until now, only few people have thought about the possib [...]

Obama celebrates National Week of Making

The White House, in partnership with Printrbot, is getting in on the action during the National Week of Making this week and will take the chance to celebrate some of the country’s most prominent and passionate makers. Leading up [...]

3D Printing and Medicine

3D printing is making leaps and bounds in its advancement, and through its journey forwards, it is taking many other technologies and applications forward along the way. One particular example would be the use of both 3D printing [...]

Scope For Design offers collaboration for the industry

3D printing on an enterprise level could be about to get a lot simpler thanks to Scope For Design, a platform that aims to make designing, producing and marketing 3D printed products much simpler and more accessible. The platform [...]

Kickstarter: A universal camera, every format in one package?

A universal camera has launched on Kickstarter that claims you’ll be able to shoot in any format, use vintage lenses, film backs and shoot digital all in one modular, portable package. Mercury, which claims to be the world’s first [...]

You can buy a stake in Retouch3D

The company behind Retouch3D is looking to build on its Kickstarter success with a £200,000 round of funding on investment platform Invesdor. It’s a simple concept and the end result is something like a heated Dremel tool for the [...]

Custom 3D printed titanium mountain bikes

Biking in the mountains can be a thrilling and amazing experience. However, the rough conditions do expose mountain bikers to more wear and tear than one would like. A standard bike that somehow did not fit your shape correctly co [...]

A robot with a vision

Japanese firm 3D MEDiA Co has secured $10 million in its latest round of funding to help it perfect its 3D robot vision system for industrial robots. This company is the first commercial venture company launched by Ritsumeikan Uni [...]

3D Printed Skinterface opens the door to remote sex

Remote sex has been a fantasy for over 20 years In 1993, a report in the Chicago Tribune entitled “Today's tune-in to a 3d-animated one-night stand may turn into tomorrow's tactile exchange from opposite ends of the earth” suggest [...]