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3DP Applications

The West Yorkshire Police (WYP) force has installed a DeltaWASP 40 70 Industrial 3D printer in its Wakefield HQ. The machine was provided by 3D printer materials and hardware distributor Hawk 3D Proto, based in Bradford, and will [...]

Optomec has 3D printed turbine blade sensors for monitoring the performance of GE gas turbines. In addition to this, the company has also announced a strategic alliance with Japanese company Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC). [...]

This is a guest post in our series looking at the future of 3D Printing. To celebrate 5 years of reporting on the 3D printing industry, we’ve invited industry leaders and 3D printing experts to give us their perspective and predic [...]

In a research article published today by Science Robotics, work by Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT’s) Mediated Matter lab in Cambridge describes a 3D printing method for the construction of large structures. A robot a [...]

Siemens (ETR:SIE) is planning to collaborate with adidas on the realization of the Speedfactory concept for mass-produced 3D printed sneakers. To optomize the workflow of sneakers with 3D printed elements, Siemens plans to introdu [...]

Furniture and interior design company Steelcase, in collaboration with Skylar Tibbits' Self Assembly Lab at MIT, has unveiled a new method of 3D printing termed "rapid liquid printing". The technique is under development to provid [...]

Oracle Labs, the research and development branch of multinational computer technology corporation Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), has used Carbon CLIP technology to 3D print a series of end-use brackets for use in its micro servers. 10,000 of [...]

Today's 3D printing news in-brief features: GKN Plc, RUSAL, Minecraft, Aleph Objects, 3D Systems, Ai Build, regenHU, Voxeljet, Miam Factory chocolate, e-Nable, Mantis Vision, i Light Marina Bay festival and the 3D printed "Stealth [...]

3D printing shoes has received plenty of press recently. In the past weeks alone, Carbon has announced remarkable plans for a partnership with adidas that will produce tens of millions of 3D printed shoes, and Wiivv are breaking r [...]

The European Defence Agency, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, has announced a project to asses to possibilities of 3D printing for the military. The technology is expected to have significant benefits for operations, including  [...]