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Ultimaker launches Ultimaker 2+ Connect single extrusion printer with digital workflow

Dutch 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker has unveiled its Ultimaker 2+ Connect extrusion 3D printer at Formnext Connect, which improves upon its predecessor through an integrated digital workflow.

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect enables users to send print jobs via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, interacting with the company’s Digital Factory software to enable remote file transfer from around the globe.

“True progress happens when reliable technology is accessible to everyone, everywhere,” said Jos Burger, CEO at Ultimaker. “By seriously upgrading our most popular single extrusion 3D printer while maintaining affordable pricing, educators and small enterprises can keep getting their hands-on powerful entry-level 3D printers that simply work, day and night.”

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D printer. Image via Ultimaker.
The Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D printer. Image via Ultimaker.

The new Ultimaker 2+ Connect

Designed for use in general access 3D printing labs, such as those in universities, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect is quick to set up and easy to operate, offering more than 80 percent time and cost savings for small enterprises looking to print prototypes themselves in favor of outsourcing.

Through a 2.4-inch color touchscreen, the 2+ Connect offers users intuitive control which is further enhanced by an ergonomic feeder lever and stiffer build platform. The printer features a 0.4 mm nozzle, which is swappable for a 0.25 mm substitute for detailed prints, 0.6 mm for faster prints, or 0.8 mm for quick drafts.

The printer’s clean and updated design facilitates high uptime, keeping scheduled maintenance to just four hours per year. Furthermore, there is no need for special tools to carry out the maintenance tasks, and each 2+ Connect comes with free e-learning as part of Ultimaker’s 3D Printing Academy.

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect is designed for use in general access 3D printing labs. Image via Ultimaker.
The Ultimaker 2+ Connect is designed for use in general access 3D printing labs. Image via Ultimaker.

Introducing the Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager

Also announced at this year’s Formnext is the Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager, a top cover and front enclosure combination designed with the aim of increasing user safety. According to Ultimaker, the Air Manager removes up to 95 percent of ultrafine particles, while shielding users from hot and moving components.

An optional addition to the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, which is priced at €2,050/$2,499, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air can be purchased for €350/$450.

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect with the Connect Air Manager. Image via Ultimaker.
The Ultimaker 2+ Connect with the Connect Air Manager. Image via Ultimaker.

Ultimaker’s workflow software

Earlier this year, Ultimaker launched its new software package, Ultimaker Essentials, a paid subscription service aimed at helping companies looking to incorporate 3D printing into their existing workflows, overcoming potential barriers that may be holding them back. The Essentials package allows an employer to mass roll-out a number of Ultimaker’s own software programs, including Cura Enterprise, Digital Factory, and Marketplace, in addition to providing some technical support. The package also ensures updates and plugins are rolled out simultaneously across all users in the organization.

As a bonus, Essentials also gives access to Ultimaker’s recently launched eLearning platform, Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy, giving companies the resources they need to educate and train their employees.

In September, Ultimaker revealed it had turned Covid-19-induced disruption into an opportunity with the announcement of double-digit revenue growth over H1 2020, despite the impact of the pandemic on customer demand within the wider industry. In lieu of the unpredictability caused by COVID-19, numerous businesses have turned to desktop systems such as those provided by Ultimaker in a bid to de-risk their supply chains.

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Featured image shows the Ultimaker 2+ Connect 3D printer. Image via Ultimaker.

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