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Tangible Engineering sets a new standard for 3D printing with its new Solidator 8K 3D printer

German 3D printing company Tangible Engineering has launched its new Solidator 8K resin 3D printer at Formnext 2023.

With a production rate reaching up to 9157 cm³ per hour and a substantial build volume of 330 x 185 x 400 mm, the system stands out. According to the company, it addresses the economic viability of 3D printing for series production by minimizing the gap between prototyping and mass manufacturing. Facilitating economic and flexible production of end-use parts, the system allows for the potential on-demand manufacturing in digital warehouses.

“We have been using the Solidator ourselves in our production for years”, says Tim Fischer, Managing Director of Tangible Engineering GmbH. “We can now produce parts for our push-to-open mechanism in an impressive 17 seconds per part or, for example, a Lego® brick in 5 seconds in series production. These scales were previously unattainable.”

Printing of a turbine housing in the size 222 x 79 x 273 mm with R031 Solidator Functional. (time lapse). Video via Tangible Engineering.

8K resolution 3D printing at quadruple speed

The Solidator achieves an 8K resolution, providing a detailed depth of 43 microns, akin to the thickness of a human hair. This level of precision is particularly beneficial for industries like mold-making and dentistry, ensuring the replication of fine details and the creation of smooth surfaces. Moving into its 4th generation, the Solidator seeks to outperform its predecessor, the Solidator 3+, with a quadruple increase in speed, a fourfold augmentation in the number of voxels in the build space (8K resolution), and a more extensive material selection.

With a broad material portfolio of 19 options, the Solidator covers diverse materials such as ESD resin, ceramic composites, ultra-tough, high-temperature, and dental technology materials. This extensive range makes it suitable for a variety of industries, including automotive and dentistry. A notable feature of the printer is its automatic refill system, which, when combined with subsystem calibration, significantly enhances its efficiency, especially in the context of series production.

Solidator 8K resin 3D printer in action. Video via Tangible Engineering.

Technical specifications of Solidator 8K resin 3D printer

Type / ModelSolidator 8K
Technology8K resolution LCD mask stereolithography, vat polymerisation
Build Volume (length x width x height)330 x 185 x 400 mm
Max. Speed @ 200µm layer height9157 cm³ / hour – Vertical: 150 mm/hour
Max. Speed @ 100µm layer height4197 cm³ / hour – Vertical: 69 mm/hour
Resolution enhancement3D surface smoothing
Voxels in the construction spacemore than 132 billion voxels
Layer heights30 / 50 / 60 / 100 / 200 µm
Z-motor resolution10 micrometer (0.010 mm)
Minimum Feature Size XY0.043 mm x 0.043 mm
Printer size (width x depth x height)682 x 376 x 810 mm
Slicer Software + Support GeneratorSolidator Studio (included)
Standalone 3D printingYes, no other PC necessary during printing
Touch display3.2″ touch display
HTML5 web interface for mobile and PCYes
WLAN support for file transferYes
LAN support for file transferYes
USB stick for file transferYes
Long-life light unit50,000 hours, UV LED array
Automatic refill systemYes
Windows system supportYes
Voltage110 V – 240 V 50-60 Hz
Operating temperature18 – 25°C (64.4-77°F )

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Featured image shows Solidator 8K resin 3D printer. Photo via Tangible Engineering.