Renishaw opens two new AM Solutions Centres in Spain and Italy

UK-based additive manufacturing specialist Renishaw has opened two new additive manufacturing Solutions Centres, one in Barcelona, Spain, and the other in Torino, Italy. The centres will give local companies access to Renishaw’s equipment and expertise, aiming to create a secure development environment for businesses.

The Solutions Centres will give customers access to systems including Renishaw’s own multi-laser machines, like the RenAM 500Q. Renishaw will also equip the centres with the metrology, finishing and machining equipment required to make a functional part.

Renishaw metal 3D printed part. Courtesy of Aeromet (c) Monty Rakusen
Renishaw branded metal 3D printed part. Photo via Aeromet/Monty Rakusen

Renishaw expanding its global network

Renishaw’s metal 3D printers are used in a range of applications, including the medical and dental sectors. It also operates a metrology business, offering high speed probes equipped with 3D scanning technology, such as the OSP60.

Headquartered in Gloucestershire, the company also has over seventy offices in thirty-six countries. It has expanded to larger locations in Spain and Italy, which enabled the establishment of its new Solutions Centres.

The Solutions Centre program was launched by the company in 2016, and it now covers three key continents of Renishaw’s activity, namely Asia, North America and Europe.

Of the recently introduced sites Marc Saunders, Director of Global Solutions Centres at Renishaw, says:

“We have opened the new facilities to be closer to our Spanish and Italian customers. By expanding the network, we are able to help more customers move forward on the journey to industrial AM.”

A Renishaw OSP60 probe. Image via Renishaw.
A Renishaw OSP60 probe. Image via Renishaw.

Helping businesses learn about additive manufacturing

In Renishaw Solution Centres technical support is offered to customers at the investigation and business case development stages. Users receive insight from Renishaw into the additive manufacturing process, helping them to assess the capability and costs of the technology.

Customers are aided by local additive manufacturing specialists, who are staffed at the centres. They provide assistance on engineering projects, optimise customer designs and give required evidence to make investment decisions.

“The Solutions Centres have proved to be a successful way for manufacturers to accelerate learning about this new technology,” explained Marc Saunders, Director of Global Solutions Centres at Renishaw. “Early users of the Solutions Centres, who have benefitted from accessing our facilities, are now deploying Renishaw’s multi-laser, productive additive manufacturing systems in their own facilities.

Specialists at Renishaw Solutions Centres. Image via Renishaw.
Specialists at Renishaw Solutions Centres. Image via Renishaw.

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Featured image shows specialists at a Renishaw Solutions Centre. Image via Renishaw.