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Raise3D Includes Everything But Kitchen Sink in 2nd Gen 3D Printers

I have gone through a few FDM 3D printers over the last few years and, at this stage, I need to upgrade to a much larger build area. as I’m tired of trying to glue pieces (at varying levels of success) together. I thought that I had my choices narrowed down to one particular machine, until I saw Raise3D‘s second Generation of printers and, now, I have to completely rethink my decision. After looking at their just-launched Kickstarter campaign, Raise3D’s N series of FFF 3D printers seems to have included everything that you could possibly want in a 3D printer, and then some. They have accounted for everything from print quality, to convenience, to user experience and have produced a product that, if it really is as it is presented, may be the best printer on the market at its price point.

raise3d n series 3D printers on KickstarterOne of the great things about Raise3D’s Kickstarter campaign is the amount of detail that they have included. It’s so detailed that I’m not even sure where to begin. Raise3D’s N series of printers, the follow-up to the highly regarded ideaPrinter, consists of three machines: the N1, which has an 8″x 8″ x 8″ build area; the N2 with a 12″ x 12″ x 12″ build area; and the N2+, which has a 12″ x 12″ x 24″ build area. All three are pretty similar aside from a few small distinctions. The machines are all sleek looking, consisting of aluminum frames and acrylic paneling; they are all single extruder systems, with the option of adding a second; and they all feature heated build platforms with a removable borosilicate glass plate. The all-metal N-series extruders can also heat up to 300° C and are capable of printing in 10 different kinds of filaments, including ABS, PLA, PLA+, HIPS, and bronze composites, among others. On top of that, Raise3D says that the N series printers are capable of printing as low as 10 microns, which is practically unheard of among FFF machines.

raise3D test prints for N seires 3D printers

The N series printers sport a 1Ghz Quad-Core imx6 ARM Processor with 1gb of memory. In addition to a USB port and an SD card slot, the printers also have 8 GB of on-board storage. One of the most impressive features of the printer has to be the touchscreen interface and management system. Users are able to completely manage files on the screen and the touchscreen shows a visual representation of the printing process. Wi-Fi capability allows users to access the printer and on-board commands remotely, while an optional camera allows users to monitor progress. This is just scratching the surface of the many features that the N series printers.

raise 3D test prints for n 3D printers

Raise3D also added some features that address some of the annoyances when working with a 3D printer. Filament is loaded on the side of the printer, instead of the back. Replacing nozzles appears to be a breeze and doesn’t require a user to take apart the entire extruder. There is a removable, clear acrylic cover. As I mentioned earlier, the touch screen interface allows for a good deal of adjustments and file management. Finally, if the power goes out mid-print, the N-series printers will remember the last position and will be able to pick up where it left off.

I really cant say enough about Raise3D’s incredibly detailed Kickstarter page. The details, along with the test prints, are enough to get me really excited about the N-series and to seriously consider getting one. As with anything on Kickstarter, though, it is important to temper excitement as you really never know how it will turn out, but given their track record and the attention to detail, I may just have to give this project the benefit of the doubt. For more, check out the company’s Kickstarter page here.