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Raise3D announces new Pro3 3D printer series – technical specifications and pricing

3D printer manufacturer Raise3D has announced its new Pro3 Series of extrusion-based 3D printers.

Based on the company’s previously launched Pro2 Series, the new Pro3 Series comes complete with improved usability, industrial-grade repeatability, and overall higher performance. According to Raise3D, the product line is primarily intended for agile and small batch production for applications such as tooling, industrial spare parts, and functional prototypes.

The Pro3 Series includes two 3D printers: the smaller Pro3 with a build volume of 300 x 300 x 300mm, and the larger-format Pro3 Plus, which sports a build volume measuring 300 x 300 x 605mm.

Edward Feng, CEO of Raise3D, said, “As a result of the recognition of the Pro2 Series, we started working on our mission: ‘To lead the promotion and implementation of Flexible Manufacturing Solutions with 3D Printing’. With the launch of the Pro3 Series, we will confidently be implementing flexible manufacturing.”

The Raise3D Pro3 Series. Photo via Raise3D.
The Raise3D Pro3 Series. Photo via Raise3D.

Dual extrusion 3D printing with Raise3D

Raise3D offers a comprehensive portfolio of 3D printing products covering everything from 3D printers to materials and software. Priced at $3,499, the company’s IDEX E2 system is the most affordable in the product line, featuring a build volume of 330 x 240 x 240mm. On the other hand, the firm’s Pro2 and Pro2 Plus 3D printers are geared more towards the industrial-grade market, offering dual-head printing systems with a maximum build volume of 305 x 305 x 605mm.

The company also prides itself on its all-in-one software portfolio designed to integrate all stages of the 3D printing workflow. This includes the ideaMaker slicer, ideaMaker Library, and RaiseCloud print management software.

The dual extruder setup of the Pro3 Series. Photo via Raise3D.
The dual extruder setup of the Pro3 Series. Photo via Raise3D.

The Pro3 3D printer series

Both the Pro3 and Pro3 Plus feature a dual extrusion setup with a maximum nozzle temperature of 300°C. This qualifies the systems to print with a whole host of high-performance materials such as PC, TPU, PP, ASA, glass fiber composites, carbon fiber composites, and filaments with metal and wood fill. Naturally, the printers also integrate fully with Raise3D’s entire software portfolio.

The extruders of the Pro3 Series are designed to be modular for streamlined maintenance, and there’s a new interchangeable hotend system to make component switching a breeze. This is particularly useful for customers looking to regularly switch from non-abrasive to abrasive materials, as these tend to require different nozzle types. The Pro3 Series also offers a new Auto Bed Leveling feature designed to minimize the time required for printer calibration, allowing users to maximize productivity.

Raise3D has even built a smart assistant system into the Pro3 Series called EVE. The digital assistant guides users with diagnosing and resolving issues that may affect the quality of the build, while also analyzing the system and sending users reminders to maintain the printer.

As far as safety features go, both Pro3 printers have a new Air Flow Manager system located at the back. Equipped with a HEPA air filter, the Air Flow Manager is designed to improve heat dissipation and air circulation in the build chamber, as well as clean the circulating air for a more comfortable printing environment.

The EVE Smart Assistant. Photo via Raise3D.
The EVE Smart Assistant. Photo via Raise3D.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Pro3 and Pro3 Plus. The Pro3 is priced at $5,249/€4,749 while the Pro3 Plus is priced at $7,249/€6,249. The 3D printers are set to be available to order in Q4 2021.

Pro3Pro3 Plus
Build volume300 x 300 x 300mm300 x 300 x 605mm
Dimensions620 x 626 x 760mm620 x 626 x 1105mm
Travel speedUp to 150mm/sUp to 150mm/s
Max bed temperature120°C120°C
Max nozzle temperature300°C300°C
ConnectivityWi-Fi, LAN, USB, ethernetWi-Fi, LAN, USB, ethernet

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Featured image shows the Raise3D Pro3 Series. Photo via Raise3D.