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Prusa launches the SL1S Speed 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Prusa has announced the launch of its latest resin-based LCD 3D printer, the SL1S Speed.

Intended as a successor to the company’s debut MSLA system, the SL1, the new and improved SL1S Speed comes complete with a plethora of significant upgrades. As well as a 25% larger print area, the system offers a print speed three times faster than its younger sibling, with cures times as low as 1.4s per layer. Aimed at prosumers, design professionals, and SMEs, the SL1S is suitable for everything from highly-detailed tabletop models to functional prototypes.

Josef Průša, Founder and CEO of Prusa Research, wrote, “While SPEED is the main word here, it’s not at the expense of quality. On the contrary, the SL1S Speed offers even better print quality than the original SL1. We replaced nearly everything under the hood, so while the SL1S may look the same from the outside, it’s a very different 3D printer.”

The Prusa SL1S Speed 3D printer. Photo via Prusa.
The Prusa SL1S Speed 3D printer. Photo via Prusa.

Desktop 3D printing with Prusa

By this point, Prusa is a household name in the 3D printing community, with an extensive portfolio of desktop machines catering to both hobbyists and professionals. The original SL1 was the company’s first dance with resin 3D printing, featuring a build volume of 120 x 68 x 150mm and a potent 5.5″ 2K LCD screen. As was the plan, the system managed to break past the hobbyist barrier and has seen use in the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) in Prague, as well as several other dental and manufacturing facilities.

However, the name Prusa is more synonymous with FDM 3D printing. The company’s award-winning i3 system is currently on the MK3S+ model, and offers a build volume of 250 x 210 x 210mm. Available as both an assembly kit and a ready-to-use system, the 3D printer combines performance and affordability, and has sold several hundred thousand units worldwide.

Parts 3D printed on the SL1S. Photo via Prusa.
Parts 3D printed on the SL1S. Photo via Prusa.

The SL1S 3D printer

Prusa’s latest addition to the portfolio features a build volume measuring 127 x 80 x 150mm, and a new and improved 5.96” monochrome LCD screen (2560 x 1620) to boot. Monochrome LCDs are known to be faster and more durable than their RBG counterparts, owing to improved UV light transmission. The SL1S boasts a print speed of 80mm/hr and an LCD lifespan of 2000 hours. Furthermore, the system has also had its tilt and platform movement speed tripled.

To complement the new LCD screen, Prusa also completely redesigned the UV LED system of the SL1S. Rather than the old V-shaped reflector, which works well with RGB setups, the new 3D printer has been equipped with an LED array four times more powerful than the old model. According to the firm, industrial resins that would usually take 20-30 seconds to cure can now be printed in under four seconds.

As far as extra features go, the build platform has been revamped to contain a quick-release mechanism, meaning there shouldn’t be any need to recalibrate the SL1S every time a print is removed. The resin vat is designed to work with non-proprietary third-party films, and there’s even a resin level detector to prevent overflows. Finally, the system also features a carbon filter to minimize odors and Wi-Fi functionality, enabling users to manage their print jobs from a web browser.

The build chamber of the SL1S. Photo via Prusa.
The build chamber of the SL1S. Photo via Prusa.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Prusa SL1S SPEED. The 3D printer is available to order now for a price of $1,999.

Build volume127 x 80 x 150mm
LCD type5.96″ Monochrome
Resolution2560 x 1620
LCD lifespan2000 hours
Print speed1.4 – 2.5s / layer – 80mm/hr
Tilt time3s
Layer height0.025 – 0.1mm
ConnectivityUSB, Wi-Fi, LAN

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Featured image shows the Prusa SL1S Speed 3D printer. Photo via Prusa.