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POETRY4: A new jewel in IRA3D’s crown

Ira3D presents the 3D POETRY4 printer, the evolution of the current Poetry Infinity, also from an aesthetics point of view: black body and bright red sides, expression of Italian style and the right balance between drive and design. A design defined by high-level finishes and great care in details.

POETRY4 is the new 3D printer that brings together state of the art, high performing technology and ease of use.    With our experience and desire to satisfy the needs of our clients and of anyone wanting to use 3D printers, we could not ignore the difficulties that many users report encountering when interacting with 3D printing technology, which requires specific skills.

With this in mind, we have developed the solution: POETRY4. An easy to use printer that gives more room to creativity. POETRY4 is a 3D Plug’n’Play printer that makes human interaction easier and quicker, to the point that you could say it’s connected to the mind.

We have equipped it with a print head, the “SNAP”, the technological heart:

    • SNAP has just one radiator for two extruders, to guarantee a constant and uniform heat distribution while printing two different materials, providing an incredibly reliable and accurate process;
    • SNAP is designed to ensure stability and reduce vibrations, to offer well defined prints;
    • The option of using six interchangeable nozzles with different diameters allows to adapt the printer to the requirements of any project;
    • SNAP is equipped with two extruders that do not require setting or calibrating, therefore, printing with two materials, or two colours, is easy;
    • A powerful turbine system and efficient ventilation allow to print incredible undercuts and reduce the need for supports;
    • The new print head is not only more functional and efficient; now it also has a more impressive design.


Thanks to POETRY4 and SNAP, printing with two extruders is a reliable, precise and highly performing activity, which makes complex printing projects using soluble materials easy.

Planning, design and components, allow POETRY4 to print with more than 10 materials while maintaining its high-performance standards. We don’t print using only Poetry Filaments: Pla, Abs, Nylon, Soluble, Architectonics, Metal Compounds (ex. IraCarbonF), Medical and Experimental Materials, we also print with materials that are not branded Ira3D. POETRY FILAMENTS materials guarantee better results with POETRY4.

POETRY4 also introduces the new Ira3D extruders with the Self Grip system. This system, allows to load materials easily and automatically applies the correct pressure to the filament for a reliable, uniform and linear extrusion, providing precise printing, surface quality and stability to the production process.


The ability to use many different printing materials requires a specific approach for each one. Ira3D has simplified the process for the user by providing a number of pre-set printing options, ready available in the slicing software, each with different settings for the different materials.

POETRY4 has been designed with users in mind: it drastically reduces the chances of failure and increases printing success by 70%; with the new nuzzle system the chances of clogging are reduced and the different diameter nozzles can be changed easily; the quality of the components extends the life of every part subject to wear; the ordinary maintenance required is reduced to the minimum.

The new printer allows users to set the printing speed to significantly high levels. The maximum limit for low quality tests is 450mm/s, the maximum movement limit is 1.100 mm/s; a quick 3D printer reduces production time by 80%.

POETRY4 is equipped with a new print bed, Easy-Build: heated, well leveled and thanks to a 250x250x300 mm printing area, with an ideal surface that guarantees the best possible adherence during printing.


It does not require the use of lacquer, glue or tape, it lasts long and is designed for anyone looking for a tool to create models and prototypes without space constrictions.

POETRY4 has a system board with an ARM Cortex processor and 1/32 μstep engines to guarantee 2x printing precision. The system board uses Piranha Firmware, developed to answer users’ specific needs. This firmware guarantees a more stable printing process, as well as advanced functions such as the Phoenix System, to resume projects interrupted by power cuts.

POETRY4 offers expert users, and users with specific requirements, the chance to personalize the printer’s advanced settings, acting directly on the firmware. Via the touch-screen display expert users can adjust approximately 50 system board settings, that allow to experiment and improve the printing experience.

We have also provided POETRY4 with a state of the art Wi-Fi system. Poetry4 can be controlled at any time, connecting directly to the network, meaning that there is no need to maintain a constant connection or install specific applications.

Finally, an endless number of Apps make POETRY4 a printing jewel ideal for 3D printing enthusiasts, professionals and large companies. Application possibilities are endless in multiple sectors: prototypes, samples, final products, small line productions, experimenting with small and large formats.

And there is good news also for Poetry Infinity owners: all new additions can be retrofitted! Therefore, Poetry Infinity printers can be updated to the higher standards of POETRY4, which will be launched in November.

For more information about the new POETRY4, please contact Ira3D.

This press release was sponsored by IRA3D.