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Peopoly unveils Phenom XXL V2 MSLA 3D printer: Technical specifications and pricing

Hong Kong-based 3D printer manufacturer Peopoly, has launched its new Phenom XXL V2 MSLA 3D printer with high resolution and Vlare board.

Phenom XXL V2 is an updated version of the original XXL and Peopoly’s largest 3D printer from the Phenom series. It is backed by the new Vlare Core controller and uses MSLA technology and an accurate parallel light source, as well as characteristics that will make printing easier, faster, and more accurate. According to the company, the 3D printer has 22 times the build volume of Formlabs Form 3.

“We redesigned the power system and the case to integrate the advantages of the new LED system so that XXL V2 consumes less power and runs cooler. The result is a much quieter, more stable, and more energy-efficient printer,” said Mark Peng Co-Founder at Peopoly.

Advanced high resolution parallel LED. Image via Peopoly.
Advanced high resolution parallel LED. Photo via Peopoly.

Features of Phenom XXL V2 MSLA 3D printer

The build volume of the Phenom XXL V2 is 527 296 x 550 mm. It is 500% larger than Phenom and more than four times larger than Form 3L, says the company.  The XXL V2 is ideal for high-volume manufacturing and extra-large models thanks to its industrial-grade 4K panel. Phenom XXL V2 is as simple to use as other Phenoms, thanks to the new build plate designs, as it can print large models without breaking. XXL V2 uses the same Deft and Neo resins as Phenom, allowing users to stock the same consumables.

The Phenom XXL V2 employs Vlare Core firmware/software, allowing users to upgrade from their existing smaller LCD printer quickly.

The printer, according to the company, is simple to maintain. The 3D printer incorporates advanced parallel LED technology for higher resolution, greater power efficiency, and lower fan noise. According to Peopoly, the 3D printer has a 7-inch touchscreen, whereas the original XXL had a 4.5-inch touchscreen. Slicer options include the Lychee Slicer, Tango Voxeldance, and Vlare Slicer. WiFi and an infrared camera for remote monitoring and management, as well as a Vlare Core controller board with Open File Format support and onboard EMMC storage, are now available.

Peopoly Deft resin. Image via Peopoly.
Peopoly Deft resin. Photo via Peopoly.

Technical specifications and pricing

Panel                         3840 × 2160 (UHD) (4k)

Print Volume             527 × 296 x 550 mm

Pixel Pitch             137 um

Aspect Ratio             16:9

UV Light Power   340W

Printer Size               78 x 57.1 x 112 cm

Shipment Size   95 x 75 x 145 cm

Vat Volume               6.5 kg

Material               Metal with Acrylic

Color                         Dark Grey Body + Orange Window

Physical Weight   115 KG

Shipping Weight   130 KG

Power consumption   48V 9.7A

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Feature image shows Phenom XXL V2 MSLA 3D printer. Image via Peopoly.