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New President of Airwolf3D, Mark Mathews, Ready for The Wild West of 3D Printing

The 3D printing industry continues to bring in talent from well-established corporations to usher companies into a financial market eager for the new industry. In that vein, Mark Mathews, former president and CEO of Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc., has been named president of Airwolf 3D, a two year-old, privately held company that designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance 3D printers. Mathews will report to one man, the early stage founder and chairman, Eric Wolf.

Mathews adds his impressive resume and pedigree to Airwolf3D. The U.S. Air Force grad holds a master’s degree in civil engineering from Columbia and an MBA from UCLA and functions on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity. Apart from his education and philanthropy, Mathews possesses an impressive track record of financial growth at Toshiba. Airwolf3D hopes to attain the same standard of development and success that garnered multiple industry awards for Toshiba under Mathews’ leadership.

Eric Wolf spoke in support of the new president: “Mark Mathews will take Airwolf 3D to the next level. We’ve spent the past two years establishing the company as a serious innovator and manufacturer of advanced commercial 3D printers. His extensive knowledge of sales and marketing strategy, product development, supply chains and operations will help propel us into the forefront of our industry. Most importantly, he will be seeking investment partners to accelerate our business expansion by allowing us to grow our core business as well as diversifying our revenue streams.”

Mathews foresees the potential in the industry and aims to make Airwolf a mover and shaker. With this goal comes the added pressure to perform, but someone with his past can operate with relative optimism and a gunslinger attitude.

“Working with an early stage high-tech company is a unique opportunity,” Mr. Mathews said. “The 3D printing industry is like the Wild West: It’s chaotic, it’s raw and it’s fun. Best of all, I have the opportunity to use my 20 years of high-tech business-to-business expertise to develop and execute a plan for rapid growth in what’s expected to be a $12 billion industry by 2025. I’m working with owners who are pushing the boundaries of innovation and, more importantly, share the same values and vision I have. Given all that, Airwolf 3D is the perfect fit for me.”

Airwolf3D seems to agree with his belief and now Mathews has the chance to prove it.

Source: Venture Beat