NAMI: Saudi Arabia Joint Venture between 3D Systems and Dussur

NAMI, a private joint venture between 3D Systems and Dussur, has announced its presence as a service bureau in the additive manufacturing world, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled services to its clients. Dussur is a Saudi government corporation established in 2014 to develop strategic industrial investments in Saudi Arabia founded by Public Investment Fund Aramco and SABIC.

The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation (NAMI) was established as part of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision strategic plan under the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) pillar. 

Vision 2030 aims to reduce Saudi Arabia’s reliance on oil, diversify its economy, and develop public utility sectors such as health, education, recreation, and tourism.

The program seeks to transform Saudi Arabia into a prominent industrial powerhouse and global logistics hub by maximizing the potential of local resources, embracing emerging technologies, and capitalizing on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). NAMI was launched in November 2022 and is led by acting CEO and COO Omar Abuhabaya. A board of directors includes Raed Al-Rayes as Chairman, 3D Systems’ CEO Jeffrey Graves as Vice-Chairman, and Reji Puthenveetil and Faisal Al-Tubayyeb as Board Directors.

Photo via NAMI.
Photo via NAMI.

The company’s arsenal of equipment includes the 3D Systems DMP Pro metal AM system, DMP 350, SLA 750, SLS 380, Figure 4, and Titan Atlas, enabling the production of high-quality parts in various materials such as aluminum, SS 316, and Ni 718.

3D Systems DMP metal additive at NAMI. Photo via NAMI.
3D Systems DMP metal additive at NAMI. Photo via NAMI.

Currently, NAMI serves leading oil and gas and petrochemical companies, including industry giants Aramco and SABIC. As part of its commitment to growth, the company has expanded its production capacity to cater to the aerospace and defense industries. “Our long-term approach is to also allocate resources and funding towards sectors such as healthcare and automotive,” says CEO Omar Abuhabaya.

The mission of NAMI is to promote sustainable manufacturing practices by expanding its manufacturing processes and providing an all-encompassing digital platform for industrial product development. This shift from traditional methods to additive manufacturing accelerates the adoption of 3D printed products, making it easier to access reliable printing technologies that cover the local needs of diverse industries, such as defense & aerospace, oil & gas, automotive, consumer products, and healthcare, for both polymer and metal materials.

NAMI hopes its combination of additive technology, strong leadership, and diverse range of clientele will position the company as an industry leader in additive manufacturing. 

The 3D printing service bureau plans to expand its reach and become a leading player in regional advanced manufacturing. With a concentration on localized portions of the industrial and healthcare sectors in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, NAMI is anticipated to play a significant role in shaping the future of manufacturing. 

Furthermore, NAMI has prioritized sustainability by maximizing the use of local resources and minimizing waste through additive manufacturing techniques stating, “sustainability [is] its top priority.” 

NAMI facilities in Saudi Arabia. Photo via NAMI.
NAMI facilities in Saudi Arabia. Photo via NAMI.

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