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Mimaki and Sindoh release 3DFF-222, a desktop FDM/FFF 3D printer

Mimaki, a Japanese digital printing specialist has released a desktop FDM/FFF printer, co-branded with the South Korean 3D printer manufacturer, Sindoh.

Hybrid Services, a UK reseller of Mimaki will showcase the 3DFF-222 printer at Sign and Digital 2019 (2-4 April), a signage and digital print exhibition in Birmingham.

Chief Operations Manager at Hybrid Services, Brett Newman, said, “Commercially available from the end of April 2019, we’ll be showcasing the 3DFF-222 3D printer on the Hybrid stand at Sign and Digital UK.”

“This will be an ideal opportunity for those exploring the world of direct-to-object printing with jigs, but also visitors who are delving into the 3D signage market, where the Mimaki 3DFF-222 provides a desktop solution.”

The 3DFF-222 by Mimaki and Sindoh on the right. On the left is a UV LED digital printer by Mimaki. Image via Hybrid Services.
The 3DFF-222 by Mimaki and Sindoh on the right. On the left is a UV LED digital printer by Mimaki. Image via Hybrid Services.

Creating digital 3D prints

Founded in 1975, Mimaki entered the 3D printing industry with the release of its full-color inkjet 3D printer, 3DUJ-553. Last year the company also joined MIT’s ADAPT consortium whose members include Renishaw and EOS.

As a digital printing company, Mimaki is particularly active in signage and advertisement industry as a manufacturer of flatbed UV LED printers such as the UJF-6042MkII. These printers cure multicolor inks with a UV light source and are capable of printing on a range of materials like luxury papers and 3D objects.

During the printing process, UV LED printers often require a jig to hold the substrate or 3D object in place. Now with the help of Mimaki’s 3DFF-222 businesses can manufacture customized jigs and fixtures in-house for use in their flatbed UV printers.

Brett Newman, said, Chief Operations Manager at Hybrid Services, said, “The release of the Mimaki 3DFF-222 is a marker in the sand for sign and graphics companies looking for a cost-effective way of creating jigs for direct printing using Mimaki’s desktop UV flatbed printers”

“It’s a simple and straightforward way of manufacturing jigs in-house and expands the creative potential of Mimaki’s UJF Series printers.”

Mimaki has turned 3D printing into an art with the Mimaki 3D printer 3DUJ-553. Photo by Michael Petch.
Mimaki has turned 3D printing into art with the Mimaki 3D printer 3DUJ-553. Photo by Michael Petch.

3DFF-222 3D printer

The 3DFF-222 has a build size of 210 x 200 x 195 mm. For ease of use, the printer is equipped with a five-inch touch screen and automated features such as auto filament cutter, automatic filament supply, and bed leveling assist. Furthermore, the 3D printer also comes with a camera and LED light for remote monitoring via a smartphone.

Working at a low noise level of 45dB with a HEPA filter, the 3DFF-222 is specially designed for indoor 3D printing.

Bert Benckhuysen, Senior Product Manager at Mimaki Europe, said, “Flexibility and ease-of-use are key features of the new desktop 3D printer […] It’s been developed so that you can have it sitting in your office without disruption.”

“Running at 45dB the noise levels are almost the same as a museum, and the footprint is small enough that it fits onto a desk, running off design iterations as they are needed with maximum convenience.”

Technical Specifications

Printing technology: FFF/FDM
Number of nozzles: Single nozzle
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
Build size: 210 x 200 x 195 mm
Supported filaments: Mimaki’s genuine PLA filament only
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Connectivity: USB2.0, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB Memory
Slicer: 3DWOX Desktop software
Weight: 16 kg


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Featured image shows the 3DFF-222 by Mimaki and Sindoh on the right. Image via Hybrid Services.