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MiiCraft Unveils Brand New Printer

Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, 3D printing brand MiiCraft has revealed the latest version in their line of Digital Light Processing (DLP) printers. The MiiCraft 125 series joins the likes of its predecessor, the MiiCraft 100 series, as well as what has been hailed as the world’s smallest desktop DLP printer, the MiiCraft+. The 125 series manages to combine functionality, industry-specific features and appealing aesthetics in one package, placing it on a completely different level from other printers in the MiiCraft family. The company posits that the newest machine’s precision capabilities will be of ideal use in the dental and jewelry industries, specifically in printing large quantities of rings and dental accessories at once. With help from an innovative team of German designers, MiiCraft has created a revolutionary product with the 125 series. In a convenient upgrade, the new MiiCraft software features truly user-friendly capabilities allowing for easy design modifications and fixes such as surface smoothing, edge enhancement and blurring, auto calibration, and real time monitoring capabilities. Features like these will certainly allow for more imaginative designs and products from users.


Key functions of the latest printers will include:

  • High precision
  • Large building volume
  • Compatibility with a wide range of photopolymer resins
  • Model correction
  • Flexible printer control

Boasting a sleek, modern appearance, the MiiCraft 125 takes on a whole new exterior. Featuring an elegant electric screen, the 125 series also has full HD XY 3D printing resolution, and is capable of producing smaller structures reaching accuracy levels on par with high-end laser 3D printers. Professional users in the jewelry and dentistry fields will certainly be drawn to these impressive features. On their website, MiiCraft claims their latest printer will provide “high precision printing enthusiasts with greater production volume, flexible choice of third party resins and…more printing applications,” which will be very exciting to see in action. Already available for purchase on the MiiCraft website and on a host of resellers including iMakr, the MiiCraft 125 will certainly be making waves in the industry, and we can’t wait to see what creations follow suit.


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