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Mcor Presents Picture Perfect Color 3D Printing with New Iris HD

While there are still several issues related to full color 3D printing, two of these – the color resolution and the cost of operation – are being addressed by Mcor Technologies, the Ireland based manufacturer of the only color 3D printer employing a global-standard ICC (International Color Consortium) color map for more photorealistic results.

The advantages of using an Mcor IRIS over other color 3D printers are the higher color variety and the lower cost of materials and operation. Both have been further improved with the upgrade presented by Mcor at the Rapid convention now taking place in Long Beach, California. In the case of the IRIS HD, an image is certainly worth 1,000 words, so here it is.


The HD improvement relates to both the new color algorithms and the new carbide cutting tip. The first will be able to confer the 3D printed object with full color details that are even crisper, effectively delivering a photorealistic appearance around the full geometry of the model and better communication of granular information.

The blade improvement – which is also available on Mcor’s single-color Matrix 300+ system – means that the tip will last longer and will thus offer a 20-percent reduction in the cost of each 3D printed model. Coupled with Mcor’s current lowest price of materials (regular paper costs around 10-20 percent other materials used in color 3D printing), this would make the IRIS HD by far the most affordable color 3D printer to operate.

“Crisply defined color and rock-bottom operating costs are critical for manufacturers, schools, service bureaus, architectural firms and others who need to 3D print a high number of realistic models,” said Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies. “Our Selective Deposition Lamination paper-based 3D printing technology has always offered the industry’s highest-resolution color at the lowest operating costs.  Now, with IRIS HD, we’re providing even greater access to truly photorealistic color 3D printing.”

With this improvement, Mcor sets itself up as the only company capable of providing high resolution text and colors on the surfaces of its 3D printed objects. In an industry where it is ever more important that each different technology is able to stand out with unique features, colors will continue to play a very big role. Affordability is not bad either.