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Massivit's Huge 3D Printer Lands in the US with PriscoDigital Deal

Ever since I first learned about the Massivit 1800 3D printer, it seemed clear that this large format machine, capable of creating parts that are nearly 6’ x 5’ x 4’ in size, in record short times and at very low materials costs, could represent a revolution in wide -ormat 3D printing. Judging by the photogallery on Massivit’s website, that is exactly what is happening.

massivit 1

The first adopters of this technology are large format digital (2D) printing services, as well as communication providers. After the first deal signed in its Israeli domestic market – with ES Digital – Massivit is now reaching out to the US with a new distribution partnership signed with PriscoDigital. According to the terms of the agreement, the New Jersey-based company – which is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of offset pressroom chemistry, blankets, supply items, and quality control equipment – will sell & support Massivit’s wide-format 3D printing solution to all printing segments in North America.


Prisco Digital is a leading value-added supplier and we are delighted that they will be our partner in the US & Canada,” said Avner Israeli, CEO of Massivit 3D. “We are sure that their large and knowledgeable national sales and technical organization calling on Print Service Providers in the U.S., as well as their strong presence in Canada, will ensure a great future for our 3D printing solution and a profitable and exciting future for their customers who will now have easy access to our solution.”


The Massivit 1800 introduced a unique gel application system called “Dimengel”, which creates life-sized, three-dimensional objects. The system opens up a new type of service, as well as new business opportunities, to increase profitability for Print Service Providers (PSP), as well as Commercial Printing services. With the Massivit 3D printing solution, they can create displays and branding elements for retailers, brands, exhibitions, events, and much more. Print service providers can add another dimension to their businesses.

The Massivit 1800.

Steve Zunde, President of PriscoDigital, agreed, says of the deal, “[Our] new relationship with Massivit is an important milestone for PriscoDigital. We have been highly impressed with Massivit 3D and their innovative solution.” He added, “Our customers are very enthusiastic and excited to have the ability to add another dimension to their activity and start offering highly attractive printing solutions to their customers. It is a significant expansion of our capability to provide complete and state- of-the-art wide format solutions that complement our current digital printing and finishing portfolios. And it is further evidence of our commitment to seek-out and partner with strong industry-leading brands and powerful solutions that offer affordable leading-edge technologies that assist our customers to expand their business opportunities and increase profitability.”

Last year, around this time, Something3D, another Israeli 3D printer manufacturer, has just presented their full color filament  desktop 3D printer project. Last year, I had planned to go visit them, during a trip to Israel which proved too short. This time around, after Formnext in Frankfurt, I am going to stay in Israel for 20 days. So, not just Something3D (and my friends from the many 3D printing startups I met last year), but also Massivit and Nano Dimension are definitely on my list of things to see.