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Makezine is giving away a Leapfrog Creatr XL to one Lucky Dad for Father’s Day

Does your dad like 3D printing? Do you have a good story to tell about your father and what he would like to make with a 3D printer? Well the editors of Make have a Leapfrog Creatr XL to give away and they want to give it to you, and all that you have to do is convince them to give it to you.

In celebration of Father’s Day, Leapfrog and Make are giving away a pretty amazing 3D printer. The Creatr XL is Leapfrog’s largest 3D printer, it features dual extruders, a heated print bed and a massive 9 x 10.6 x 23.6 inch build area. It has one of the largest build envelopes in desktop 3D printing, and with the dual extruders you can print in two different colors or in two different materials. This printer would set you back almost $5,500, and all you have to do to get it is tell a great story about your dad — your maker dad, that is.

3d printer leapfrog creatr xlThe contest rules are really simple, just go to Make and read about the contest and then leave a comment about what you or your father would do with a new 3D printer. Creativity is the key, so whether you decide to make them laugh, make them cry or just make them want to go hug their fathers, you have to impress them with your story.

“But Scott” you say “I don’t have a good story about my father, he doesn’t want a 3D printer, but I sure would.” Well don’t worry, you’re not out of options. If you’re a father yourself then you could just force your children, via bribes or strategic acquisition of video game paraphernalia, to post for you. What are they going to do, let you keep their X-Box? Of course not, they’ll say whatever you want them to say. It’s probably the reason that you had children to begin with.

“But Scott” you say “I don’t have any children/my partner forbade me from bribing them. I guess I’m out of luck.” Not so! Did you have an absent father? Break their hearts with your tales of going to daddy daughter dances with your drunk neighbor Greg. Sure, Greg just went for the free punch and ‘accidently’ left you behind and that may have left emotional scars that will never go away. But now those scars may net you a free 3D printer!

“But Scott!” you yell “My dad was actually a really great guy! He always supported my hobbies and instilled in me a keen sense of curiosity! He’s the reason that I’m a reasonably well-adjusted person today, he just has no idea what a 3D printer is!” Well look at that, you have a story about your father to tell after all. You might finally be able to show him that 3D printing doesn’t involve special toner and 3D glasses.

3d printer leapfrog creatr xl closeup

You have until June 19th to post your comment here, then the editors of Make will make their selection and someone will make a father somewhere a very happy dad. Or still confused about where to stick the paper.

There’s no paper, dad. There’s no paper.

Source: Make