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Luxexcel and IFB provides free 3D printed glasses to schoolchildren

Dutch 3D printed optical lens manufacturer, Luxexcel, and a non-profit organization for visually impaired, IFB Solutions have celebrated their one-year partnership in a unique way.

The two companies provided free glasses with customized 3D printed lenses to seventeen school children in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where IFB Solutions is based.

Chief Commercial Officer of Luxexcel, Guido Groet, said, “The cool technology of 3D printing is for everyone, especially for the next generation. It is great to enable the children to succeed in the classroom by providing eyeglasses together with IFB Solutions.”

“A great way to improve lives and to celebrate our innovative partnership”.

From subtracting to adding

Traditionally ophthalmology lenses have been made with subtractive methods. This process involves making blank lens disks that are stocked until a customer order is received. In a multiple step process, the lens is milled into the desired shape and finally sent for fitting.

In contrast to this, Luxexcel lenses are customizable and can be produced on-demand, thus minimizing the storage cost. These lenses are made with an acrylic-based resin using the Luxexcel VisionEngine, a material jetting 3D printer. Currently, the VisionEngine is capable of producing four lenses in an hour.

Luxexcel’s technology has reached a level of maturity where it has been certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and has become commercially viable.

Creating opportunities

IFB, is the largest employer of visually impaired people in the U.S. The optical lab of IFB produces 1,200 pairs of eyeglasses every day, most of which go to military veterans and their families.

Danny Kelly, Chief Operating Officer of IFB Solutions, said, “What better way to celebrate our partnership with Luxexcel than to help children in the classroom.”

“We are not only joining forces to bring innovation to the optical industry, but we’re also introducing the next generation to new technology that will help them succeed. It’s a win-win for all of us.”

Luxexcel 3D printed lenses. Photo via Luxexcel
Luxexcel 3D printed lenses. Photo via Luxexcel

Safeguarding children

According to the statistics of Prevent Blindness in America, an eye health and care organization, more than 300,000 school age children have visual problems.

Michael Pesce, Director of Social Work at Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools, explained, “One of our biggest challenges in public education is meeting all the needs of children. Their medical, health and physical needs happen beyond the classroom, but those needs are critically important to a child’s educational success. That’s why we are so grateful to have community partners like IFB Solutions and Luxexcel.”

“Their gift of eyeglasses gives these students the gift of vision, something we could never do alone.  At school and at home, vision is a vital part of a child’s overall well-being.”

Danny Kelly of IFB Solutions (left) with the President of Luxexcel, Guido Grot. Image via Luxexcel.
Danny Kelly of IFB Solutions (left) with the President of Luxexcel, Guido Grot. Image via Luxexcel.

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Featured image shows Danny Kelly of IFB Solutions (left) with the President of Luxexcel, Guido Grot. Image via Luxexcel.