Insights from Magnus René as departure as Arcam CEO announced

It has been announced that Arcam CEO, Magnus René and CFO Johan Brandt will both leave the company.

I spoke to Magnus René earlier to learn more about this news. René has 16 years as CEO of the Swedish metal AM manufacturers. As the inventors of the EBM process, Arcam was an attractive takeover target, and last year GE Additive became a majority shareholder, and also purchased Concept Laser.

Arcam EBM Q10 plus. Photo by Michael Petch.
Arcam EBM Q10 plus. Photo by Michael Petch.

“I have seen Arcam grow from a little project to overseeing acquisition,” René tells me. He adds that the long and short version for his departure, he has a notice period of 6 months, is that this project has reached a “natural conclusion” and “the company is stable and strong.”

“I have had a fantastic journey, being part of the team building Arcam during those 16 years. Today, Arcam is well positioned, with a great team, world-class products, strong leadership in our companies and a strong cash position after the recently concluded share issue. With GE as majority owner this is a good time for me to move on and for a new CEO to take over and develop the company in the new environment.”

It is interesting to note that a number of other Arcam employees have also moved to other companies. Although, this is perhaps unsurprising given the increasing level of competition for experienced talent in the 3D printing industry. Former Arcam Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Bruce Bradshaw left to return an affiliate of his previous company Stratasys. As we reported in September, the Stratasys subsidiary Evolve Additive Solutions is currently developing a 3D printing method, “50 times faster than the next fastest AM plastics technology”.

Johan Brandt took on the role of CFO of Arcam in 2012. Brandt’s notice period in 3 months and he will remain in his position until a new CFO is appointed or at the latest until April 30, 2018.

Commenting on the news Göran Malm, Chairman of Arcam, “Magnus René has with energy and decisiveness built Arcam to a leading company in the Additive Manufacturing sector. He has together with his team, customers and partners worldwide developed the company from a start-up to a global industry. Magnus has also been instrumental in bringing Arcam into its new future with GE as an owner.”

“Johan Brandt has as CFO and deputy CEO built the structure of the company and thereby facilitated our growth and globalization. Johan has with his leadership and his team developed first class management of Arcam’s and our subsidiaries financial functions.”

Unrelated to the planned departures, but a topic of conversation at recent 3D printing events, is the news that Arcam are currently engaged in discussions about the use of one the patents on their EBM metal additive manufacturing system.

An unnamed third party has commenced development work on a system which has attracted the attention of Arcam. We will provide further details when they are available.

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