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HYREL 3D Printer Raising Funds Fast at Kickstarter

HYREL 3D Printer is one of the recent 3D printing projects trying to raise funds through Kickstarter. It has only been live since 6th September and is already backed up to 28,478 USD of its 50K goal.

The consumer targeted HYREL 3D Printer is created to be a pre-assembled 3D printed for anyone to obtain and use right away. According to the pitch the only thing you have to do is pull it of the box, install the software, plug it in to the wall and a computer, and you’re good to go.

HYREL 3D Printer was created by a small group of engineers, designers and business people, located in Atlanta GA, who have 35 years experience in automated machines for the semiconductor industry.

The idea to create the HYREL 3D Printer came through challenges that the team faced when they approached the 3D printer market as buyers initially. They found that the existing 3D printers took excessive time to build, leveling and squaring the machine was difficult and after usage the 3D printer required frequent maintenance.

The HYREL 3D Printer is built for creating custom 3D designs, custom plastic parts, working prototypes, custom toys, hooks for clothes etc. Just about anything that can be designed in a CAD package.

For more information visit HYREL website or Kickstarter.