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The 'Formide' 3D Print Platform Could be Formidable IF it Fulfills its Promises

Printr, the Netherlands based startup that launched back in May with a commitment to simplify the 3D printing process with its new network, is now gearing up to release its consumer 3D printing platform Formide next month. The guys tell us that the new cloud based web platform will be consumer focused and introduce new ways to create customized content and enable consumers to model and 3D print directly without the need for extensive technical knowledge.
 Thus Formide has been designed and developed to offer something for everyone and will introduce apps as a new way of creating content.

Furthermore, the Formide platform will come with an API in order to aid content creators from every industry to easily release their own app on the platform.

As such — app owners are invited to get in touch with Printr now to get help creating and releasing apps for the Formide platform and talented modellers can too, if they have an idea for their own app.

The Formide platform, even at this early stage is promising to be comprehensive in nature — with features that include:

formide 3D printing repairAutomated healing, repairing and positioning of 3D models. Apparently, having to tinker with your 3D models before printing is a thing of the past with Formide. The platform automatically checks and prepares your files for the best print results.

• Direct streaming to 3D printers. Users can directly stream their models from the platform to their own 3D printer for extra convenience. No SD card required.

formide 3D printing interfaceA highly secured cloud powered system. The team reports that Formide has built in security measures to make sure that you are secure no matter where you access your files.

• And an interface that anyone can understand and use.

Developed with the end-user in mind the claim is that this intuitive interface is as easy as it gets.

And in terms of breadth, the team behind Formide has partnered with some of the most popular content repositories on the web to offer users the best possible (Free & Paid) content for direct 3D printing. No visibility on who these are yet but it is certainly looking very interesting as a platform and one to watch — how they will compete with the likes of monolithic Autodesk, with whom they seem to want to compete, is anyone’s guess. Of course, Microsoft is involved at some level, and if that organization wakes up and smells the coffee with this venture, then who knows how competitive this could get!

The thing is though, there are lots of promises about wholistic ecosystems that will eliminate many of the process barriers around 3D printing and it is unanimously agreed that they are much needed — but, the point is, right now they are just promises and the reality remains to be seen.

I find it’s always best to give people the benefit of the doubt though and I have my fingers and toes crossed for these guys. Not least because they have a sense of humour …. love it!