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Fillamentum Launches New Wood and Crystal Clear 3D Printing Filaments

Having tried it personally, I can honestly say that Fillamentum makes some of the best quality filaments around, especially their wooden Timberfill series. So, I was happy to find out that Josef Dolocek, the company’s founder and CEO, was present at the Budapest 3D Printing Days conference to show off the results of the company’s recent rebounding.fillamentum8
This primarily means new filament packaging, new crystal clear PLA material, and two new types of wood filament: Champagne and Rosewood, which add up to the Cinnamon and Wood-tone already present in the Timberfill line-up. Fillamentum’s Timberfill received a lot of media visibility because of the beautiful Spirula speaker by Akelake and apparently there are more interesting audio-related projects on the way.

Josef told me that the business is growing so rapidly that it is extremely hard for them to stay on top of orders. They are installing new extrusion lines (bringing the total to four) to meet booming demand. Considering that Fillamentum is currently a branch of plastic extrusion company Pzarlich, also run by Dolocek, the future looks bright.


In fact, it looks crystal clear, like their new PLA Extrafill color, which was engineered for added transparency, almost rivaling glass. Other recent additions to their materials portfolio include a wider range of Flexfill filaments (the company’s rubber-like material) with a total of seven colors (currently sold out).

fillamentum clear 3D printing filament

All filaments now come in a rebranded package, inside a humidity safe envelope, which in the past was used only for the Timberfills. These are now available in a wide range of colors – both in 1,75 and 2.85 mm coils, priced at €44 for a 750 gram spool (1 kg if counting the plastic spool’s weight) which, when printed, resembles real wood almost completely, both for the scent and the feel. I am taking with me a spool of the dark rosewood and I cannot wait to try it.