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EOS launches M 300-4 industrial metal 3D printer with ten times productivity

German industrial 3D printing solutions provider EOS has unveiled the M 300 series of direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) systems.

The first in this series, the EOS M 300-4, was launched today at the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago and serves and substantial upgrade on the M 290.

Speaking to 3D Printing Industry, an EOS representative confirms “The system will offer a productive increase of 4-10 times that is currently offered by EOS M 290,”

“The M 300 combines the best of digital and industrial, offering massive speed improvements while maintaining the world-class, industry proven EOS quality. “

EOS M 300 technical specifications

The EOS M 300 as a family of 3D printers will be available as systems configured to use one, two or four lasers, with wattage of either 400 or 1,000. The EOS M 300-4 is an example of a four laser system, with a build capacity of 300 x 300 x 400 mm. Like the P 500, the latest system in EOS’s polymer range, the M 300-4 is a modular platform, offering customers a great deal of flexibility in terms of automation and the required manufacturing environment.

In one instance, there is the choice of two powder dosing options for the M 300: “bottom-up dosing to become independent of materials particle size distribution” and “automated, top dosing to enable a closed loop solution.”

The EOS M 300-4. Image via EOS
The EOS M 300-4. Image via EOS

The system is also compatible with EOS Shared Modules for set-up, unpacking the print bed, component transportation and sieveing. According to our spokesperson, “Users profit from a high degree of flexibility and automation for integrated production, switching between different [Shared Modules] (e.g. manual unpacking solutions or automated solutions)m”

“The process chamber is the rear of the machine and the quality of the built parts stays the same. Customers can adjust the solution for powder and job handling based on their specific requirements.”

The Shared Modules are also a core part of the NextGenAM project that EOS launched with Daimler and Premium AEROTEC.

The best of digital and industrial manufacturing combined

EOS M 300 systems are all compatible with the company’s existing EOSPRINT 2 process management software and real-time monitoring platform EOSTATE. Soon, EOS will also release its EOSCONNECT software  for collecting machine productivity data and integrating new AM systems with existing machinery.

“From a digital perspective,” the company comments “the system offers the highest industrial grade connectivity with real time information and connection of CAD software (e.g. Siemens NX and interfaces like OPC UA).”

Furthermore, “From an industrial perspective, the system underlines the clear focus on defined reliable, repeatable, part quality and lowest cost per part, as well as the flexibility we provide our customers with the software and hardware concepts of the M 300.”

EOSTATE MeltPool Image: EOS
EOSTATE MeltPool monitoring. Image via EOS


Engine and drivetrain component manufacturer Pankl Racing Systems AG is one of the machine’s early access customers.

According to Stefan Seidel, Pankl’s CTO “We are very pleased to be able to use the latest EOS system […] The platform impresses with maximum productivity, quality and precision as well as its potential for automation. Thus, the system fits perfectly into our approach of the automated factory and is key to meet the high requirements of our customers […] in the automotive sector.”

Prices for EOS M 300 systems range from €700,000 ($812,522) to €1.6 million ($1.86 million) for the highest automated solutions.

EOS is showcasing it latest 3D printing solutions at booth 432007 in the Additive Manufacturing Pavilion in the West Hall at IMTS 2018.

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Featured image shows EOS M 300 series metal 3D printers. Image via EOS