BeamIT and SLM Solutions expand cooperation on metal AM

BeamIT, an Italian additive manufacturing service bureau, and SLM Solutions have signed an agreement to expand its long term cooperation. BeamIT will also expand its product portfolio with two new machines – the SLM 280 2.0 and SLM 500 – with which it will continue to test new machine settings and metal powders. 

“We are pleased to announce our cooperation agreement with SLM Solutions and the two additional machines,” said Michele Antolotti, General Manager of BeamIT. “We regularly produce high-quality parts for our customers using selective laser melting because the SLM technology works efficiently, quickly and, above all, safely.”

“With the expanded capacity of our new multi-laser systems we can also increase our productivity and react to the increased interest in SLM technology from our customers.” 

Mauro Antolotti, CEO of BeamIT (right) and Michele Antolotti, General Manager of BeamIT. Photo via SLM Solutions.

Developing metal powders for additive manufacturing

As one of Italy’s largest 3D printing service bureaus, BeamIT is working with the automotive, biomedical, aeronautic and aerospace industries.

The deal with Germany’s SLM Solutions is part of a long-term cooperation agreement between the two companies. Under this agreement, the partners have worked together on the joint development and also on testing of SLM machine settings. Specifically, the parameters for working with a range of metal powders for 3D printing.

This most recent deal will work on further material parameters for the nickel-based alloys IN939 and IN718, focusing on certain material properties. The aim is to leverage BeamIT’s technical experience as an experienced metal additive manufacturing user to develop metal powders with unique properties and high-quality characteristics. 

An SLM Solutions 280 metal 3D printer, one of the metal 3D printers used by CTC. Photo via SLM Solutions.
An SLM Solutions 280 metal 3D printer, one of the metal 3D printers used by BeamIT. Photo via SLM Solutions.

Advancing Selective Laser Melting technology

Commenting on the continued cooperation, Kamer Geyisi, Sales Manager at SLM Solutions said, “BeamIT has a high technical expertise and is working with the Selective Laser Melting technology every day. As a partner to our customers throughout the entire additive manufacturing process chain, SLM Solutions is pleased to share our knowledge with BeamIT and believe that we will also benefit from their experience with the technology.” 

Adding, “This partnership approach benefits both our companies, but will also help advance implementation of the technology throughout the entire market.”

BeamIT is also partnered with XJet, an Israel-based 3D printer and materials manufacturer, acquiring XJet’s Carmel 1400. It is said to be the first machine in Italy installed by XJet, making ceramic 3D printing available to BeamIT’s customers.

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Featured image shows metal 3D printed parts created by BeamIT’s SLM machines. Photo via BeamIT.