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Michael Petch
Michael Petch is the editor-in-chief at 3DPI and the author of several books on 3D printing. He is a regular keynote speaker at technology conferences where he has delivered presentations such as 3D printing with graphene and ceramics and the use of technology to enhance food security. Michael is most interested in the science behind emerging technology and the accompanying economic and social implications.

A team of 3D printing and bionic prosthetic pioneers based in Bristol UK are participating in study that could lead to the wider use of 3D printing as a tool to help amputees. The type of bionic hands produced by Open Bionics were [...]

The Simbionix SPINE Mentor, is hands-on simulated training and practice tool for minimally invasive spine surgeries. The medical training tool combines virtual reality simulation, 3D printing and medical tools to create a hybrid s [...]

Of the developing 3D printing trends we identified back in January, the use of stronger, more durable, engineering grade thermoplastics is one that has hit the ground running in 2017. Already this week we’ve seen Russia’s Anisopri [...]

The Sinterit Lisa SLS 3D printer is now supported by Autodesk Netfabb, the industrial additive manufacturing and design software tool. The collaboration between Sinterit, who were established by ex-Google employees, and Autodesk a [...]

Further details of GE’s $10 million education fund to encourage the use of 3D printing have been announced. The U.S. company states that more than 400 schools will receive 3D printers as part of the GE Additive Education Program. [...]

The application of 3D printing to the space industry will receive a boost with the opening of a new ‘one stop shop’ based at the UK’s Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) in Coventry. The Additive Manufacturing Benchmarking Cente [...]

3D printing using composite materials is the subject of a conference taking place this week at Skolkovo aka the Russian Silicon Valley. The $4 billion Skolkovo Technopark is located 10 miles west of Moscow and is intended to be hu [...]

It’s not everyday the Russian Embassy contacts us at 3D Printing Industry, but today we received notification from a representative that Russian scientists have developed their first large format metal 3D printer. The research was [...]

It's your last chance to vote in the 3D Printing Industry Awards. So far we've had over 10,000 individuals vote across the 20 categories. In December, we asked readers to nominate the most exciting, innovative and important enterp [...]

While 3D prints at the touch of a button, à la Star Trek’s TNG replicator, may still be some way off, a number of enterprises exhibiting at the 2017 RAPID + TCT show are moving to save time at various stages of the 3D printing pro [...]