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ARGO 500, the new Roboze production solution

High Temperature, Power and Control for 3D Manufacturing Companies

Global engineering and additive manufacturing (AM) technology company, Roboze will launch the ARGO 500 its newest production solution during Formnext in Frankfurt.

Designed for 3D manufacturing companies, the new ARGO 500 is able to print .5 cubic meter metal replacement parts with high viscosity material such as PEEK, Ultem™ AM9085F, Carbon PA and the latest Carbon PEEK – Peek filled with carbon fibers.

ARGO 500 includes a heated chamber that can reach up to 180°C. The chamber is able to preheat the build volume in an hour, increasing productivity and reducing the time needed to prepare the print job.

Roboze Argo500-Preview
A preview of the Roboze Argo500 at Formnext 2017.

To ensure the perfect adhesion between the part and build-plate, the new ARGO 500 introduces a vacuum plate system. Also this system makes printing and removal operations of polymeric films easier and faster. From the point of view of the printed part, the vacuum plate offers greater stability of the part even during big and long prints and ensures planarity of the first layers.

ARGO 500 is equipped with the well known Roboze Beltless System technology, patented by the company, ensuring part repeatability and mechanical tolerances of 25 microns.

ARGO 500 is equipped with the Roboze HVP extruders introduced for the first time on Roboze One+400, designed and manufactured by Roboze for printing high viscosity and high temperature materials. In ARGO 500 the HVP extruder reaches 550 ° C.

The sensors have also been implemented for superior materials control and machine usability. In particular ARGO 500 has automatic filament loading, auto-leveling sensor, end material sensor, material residue sensor in the pre-start printing phase, spool loading insulated system with moisture control and spools positioning in a closed and controlled environment to preserve the material from moisture absorption.

The new ARGO 500 enables our customer to produce metal replacement parts and benefit of unique technology designed on aerospace, motorsport and manufacturing end user needs.” Says Alessio Lorusso, Roboze CEO & Founder.

“The AM market is changing fast, and customers need to find the right answers in the media chaos of recent years. The ARGO 500 has been designed in close contact with the demands and needs of end-users on the market. I firmly believe that this new solution will support and help the innovative companies of today and tomorrow, accelerating the digitization of production processes.”

The new ARGO 500 will be available in worldwide preview at the G-38 booth in Hall 3.1.

More information about Roboze is available here.