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Aleph objects unveils new 3d printer LulzBot TAZ 6 at $2500

Colorado based 3D printer manufacturer Aleph Objects announced the launch of LulzBot TAZ 6.

Founded in January 2011 and headquartered in Loveland, Colorado Aleph Objects manufactures 3D printers and other 3D components such as filaments,tool heads, parts and merchandise. Among some of their popular products include the LulzBot Mini and the LulzBot TAZ 5 3d printers. The latest addition to its LulzBot series of 3d printers, measuring  11 inches x 11 inches x 9.8 inches, it will have the largest build volume in its class.


The release of LulzBot TAZ 6, comes just after eight months of the release LulzBot TAZ 5 and it packs enhanced features such as self-leveling, self-cleaning, and a modular tool head for flexible and multi-material upgrades.

Adopting the wildly popular printing bed from the LulzBot Mini series of printers the TAZ 6 will  feature a new heated borosilicate glass printing bed with a PEI surface. It will also have the same self-leveling printing bed feature and self-cleaning nozzle system available on the Mini. The TAZ 6 also comes with an integrated power supply so there is no need for an external box.

The TAZ6 has an upgraded  resolution and will now capable of laying down layer thicknesses ranging from 0.05mm to 0.5mm (0.002” – 0.02”). As for the printing speed, the TAZ 6 will be just as fast as the TAZ 5 at 200mm/sec (7.9in/sec), and will come with the standard Cura LulzBot Edition software.

Similar to the TAZ 5, the TAZ 6 comes with LulzBot’s multiple tool head options. It will now be able to print using two different color filaments and materials including water soluble support materials like HIPS using the Dual Extruder tool head.  It will also have the ability to print objects by combining rigid materials with flexible materials using the FlexyDually tool head.


Priced  at $2,500, the LulzBot TAZ6 will be available for purchase on Tuesday May 17. It will come with a full one-year limited warranty and customer support available for seven days a week.