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Aleph Objects Takes it to the Next Generation with the TAZ 4 3D Printer

The manufacturers behind the Libre/Open Source Hardware developments demonstrated in the LulzBot range of 3D printers, Aleph Objects, has released its latest version — the TAZ 4 3D printer. Boasting a string of new improvements, which, the company claims, make the machine more robust and capable than ever the latest iteration of the TAZ is available immediately.

Like its numerous predecessors the TAZ 4 remains open source, with modifications actively encouraged. In terms of upgrades over previous models, the notable additions include:

  • A re-engineered drive rod system for improved print quality, specifically with the first few layers of a print.
  • Improved Y-axis mounts ensuring printer set-up takes less time than ever before. So much so that the Aleph Objects team expect the average user to be up and running with the TAZ 4 within half-an-hour
  • A new 400 watt power supply for increased power
  • A fully assembled electronics case making the TAZ 4 upgradeable to a dual extruder, which is coming soon, according to the company.

In addition, an extruder fan comes standard with every TAZ 4 3D printer, which the company reports, allows for crisper corners and finer definition on prints.

On the latest 3D printer release, Aleph Objects’ President,Jeff Moe commented: “We are dedicated to bringing the latest technology to market as quickly as possible. We re-engineered the machine for performance, particularly the drive rod system and electronics case. We also upgraded the power supply and now include a standard extruder fan. These improvements ensure our users are investing in a workhorse desktop 3D printer built to thrive with heavy use.”

Aleph Objects is rather proud of its open source stance and continued commitment to user freedom, in that vein, the TAZ 4 includes a streamlined modular printer head carriage for a wide range of accessories. Furthermore, with add-ons, LulzBot 3D printers can take advantage of over 12 different kinds of 3D printer filaments, including the rubber-like NinjaFlex.

With an RRP of$2,195, the TAZ 4 3D printer is shipping in the US now through LulzBot’s online shop and Amazon. Shipping for the RoW is expected to be available soon