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Adidas and Marcolin unveil new 3D printed sports sunglasses – the 3D CMPT

Sportswear giant Adidas, in partnership with eyewear firm Marcolin Group, has unveiled its new 3D printed sports sunglasses – the 3D CMPT.

In line with Adidas’ vision for high performance, the one-piece eyewear weighs just 20g and features a flexible nylon structure that reportedly allows for maximum ventilation. The matte black frame is also treated with a special coating that results in a rubberized shock-absorbing effect along the entire surface of the design.

Intended for use in virtually any sport, the limited edition 3D CMPT sunglasses are aimed at everyone from cyclists and runners to tennis players and golfers.

The companies have stated that a ‘new generation’ of 3D printers was used to produce the glasses. However, a spokesperson told 3D Printing Industry that Marcolin Group will not be disclosing the manufacturer or the platform due to the competitiveness of the eyewear market.

The 3D CMPT sunglasses. Photo via Adidas.
The 3D CMPT sunglasses. Photo via Adidas.

The 3D CMPT sunglasses

According to Adidas, the 3D CMPT frame has created a new category of eyewear, bridging aesthetics and functionality to go ‘beyond the limits of design and comfort’. Almost every aspect of the sunglasses has been designed with dynamism in mind, including the geometry, weight, and volume.

With its distinct lattice-like, weight-saving body, the 3D CMPT features an integrated spherical lens shield with a brown base and silver mirrored coating. The lens itself is protective against UV, has a seven base curve, and is made of lightweight polycarbonate material.

Adidas has also chosen to include non-slip contact points on both the nose pad and the end tips, which enables the glasses to be worn comfortably for extended periods of time for training and competition.

An Adidas press release wrote, “From the Adidas DNA, characterized by an ongoing search for high-performance lines and materials, comes a frame destined to leave its mark on the evolution of eyewear thanks to the most modern technologies. The Adidas Sport 3D CMPT frame opens a new dialogue with professional athletes and creates a new opportunity for innovative trailblazers.”

The 3D CMPT sunglasses have been produced in a limited quantity of just 150 pairs and will be available exclusively at during Creative Club Week starting August 23rd, 2021. Naturally, you can expect such a pioneering product to bring with it a hefty price tag – a pair of 3D CMPT sunglasses will cost you $415.

Only 150 pairs will be 3D printed, and the glasses will retail for $415. Photo via Adidas.
Only 150 pairs will be 3D printed, and the glasses will retail for $415. Photo via Adidas.

Consumer goods and 3D printing

As sportswear enthusiasts will already know, major league brands like Adidas have already integrated 3D printing technology into their manufacturing workflows. Late last year, the company launched what it described as the “ultimate” 3D printed running shoe, the Futurecraft ‘STRUNG’. The STRUNG sneakers, featuring Futurecraft insoles produced using Carbon 3D printing technology, were reportedly designed using a data-oriented approach, combining software and robotics to precisely place each thread.

More recently, Adidas and Carbon released the latest version of their 3D printed 4D midsole, the 4DFWD. The 4DFWD is currently being worn by athletes at this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo and will be available to consumers around the world from August 12th.

Elsewhere, multinational footwear maker New Balance has previously launched its own 3D printed sneaker called the FuelCell Echo Triple. The shoe features a forefoot 3D printed using Formlabs SLA technology.

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Featured image shows the 3D CMPT sunglasses. Photo via Adidas.