3D Systems breaking records and strengthening market position

Most of the recent industry articles have been focusing on the future potential of the 3D printing industry and playing with future scenarios of what could be.  The latest announcement from the US company 3D Systems Corporation and their Q2 2012 operating results is a refreshing read of what is actually happening right now.

3D Systems revenue grew 52% to US$ 83.6 million over their second quarter of 2011, which shows significant increase in uptake of their latest line of 3D hardware witnessing a 122% growth of printers from last year. Interestingly,  another large growth area for the company is their supply of print materials which grew 60% to new record of US$ 26.2 million. Please see the full breakdown of the results in marketwatch report.

The company also made another announcement shortly after the financial results and told about their latest acquisition of the developer Viztu Technologies, which is the developer of the Hypr3D  online platform. 3D Systems is planning to integrate this technology to the service, enabling customers to easily scan-to-print and create-to-print their desings.

Ongoing increase in revenue and a focus on supporting the core business areas will make 3D an interesting prospect to become a dominant player in the 3D printing industry.

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