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3D Printing News Sliced HP, Deloitte, Ultimaker, SLM Solutions, Dacuda, Danfoss

Our 3D printing news digest today includes news about HP, Deloitte, Ultimaker, SLM Solutions, Dacuda and Danfoss.

Lasers for Lubeck

SLM Solutions Group, a German Selective Laser Melting metal based additive manufacturing company based in Schleswig-Holstein, has announced their participation in the Lubeck Airport’s Centenary celebrations (2-3 September), coinciding with a recruitment drive.

SLM Solutions metal additive castle. Photo by Michael Petch.
SLM Solutions metal additive castle. Photo by Michael Petch.

3D printing business developments

German electronics giant Siemens has joined forces with California-based Identify3D to provide a security toolkit for the additive manufacturing sector. The product, Identify3D Protect will enable users to securely encrypt their designs and protect their IP. Users of Siemens CAD and PLM software will be able to access the integrated toolkit from December.

Denmark-based Danfoss is opening its first global 3D technology centres. The company, specialising in cooling, heating and manufacturing systems says that it hopes to improve its digital fabrication capacity by having experts and machines on-hand at the international centres in Europe, Asia and North America.

Improving the post-processing of 3D printed parts is the target of a new transatlantic partnership. Sheffield-based Additive Manufacturing Technologies has teamed up with Midwest Prototyping LLC to develop market and sell a new PostPro3D automated surface finishing machine.

The vehicle being 3D printed on a Cincinnati machine. Photo via Local Motors.
The vehicle being 3D printed on a Cincinnati machine. Photo via Local Motors.

Metal fabrication and additive manufacturing company Cincinnati Incorporated have appointed Rakesh Kumar as Vice President for Sales, Service and Manufacturing. Kumar was previously a sales general manager at sheet metal manufacturing firm Amada (USA).

Type A Machines specialises in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D Printers. The latest addition to their board of Directors is Kenneth “Hap” Klopp, founder of outdoor clothing company The North Face. The company have also announced a new range of support and maintenance packages to improve their customers’ productivity and their machines’ operating performance.

Dacuda's Room Scale smart phone VR technology/image via Spar3d
Dacuda’s Room Scale smart phone VR technology/image via Spar3d

In February this year, Swiss Startup Dacuda’s 3D division was acquired by Florida-based Magic Leap, who specialise in head-mounted virtual retinal displays. Michael Born, Dacuda’s founder has parted ways with Magic Leap to co-found PXL Vision AG, who specialise in automatic data capture and VR/AR scanning and motion tracking.

HP has joined forces with Deloitte to globally implement a range of their services for manufacturing industries. “This is not just a big announcement on paper,” said Deloitte CEO Punit Renjen.

Card games and CAT scans

There is news of a number of developments combining 3D printing and education.

3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker has released its “Design Engine Starter Pack”, a card game for helping users come up with original and innovative designs and to encourage designers to think critically to overcome technical challenges.

The Ultimaker Starter Pack/image via Ultimaker
The Ultimaker Starter Pack/image via Ultimaker


As previously reported, Metropolitan State University Denver, Colorado will host the Lockheed Martin Additive Manufacturing Laboratory, with the American aerospace giant joins forces with 3D printer company Stratasys. The lab will allow engineering students to apply 3D printing to composite tooling and address complex design and manufacturing challenges.

oVert is a collaborative project between over US 15 institutions aiming to make 3D imagery of the bones, internal organs, and stomach contents of over 20,000 animals available to the general public, educators, students and vets. The CT scanned specimens at the Florida Museum of Natural History will be available to partially 3D print.

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Featured image shows a CT scan of an Eastern Hognose Snake (Heterodon Platyrhynos) snake eating its prey/image via Firstpost