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3D Printing Industry (3DPI), the Authority on 3D Printing, is a global media providing quality resources for anyone interested in 3D Printing and 3D Scanning. Our mission is to report on and curate original content shared by its community about the latest developments in 3D Printing and the convergence of Physical and Digital products, the advent of DigiCal products.

3DPI values Quality and Openness. Quality is obtained with its dedicated team of passionate and outstanding writers. Openness is reached with the curation of content submitted by the community of 3D Printing and 3D Scanning bloggers, pioneers, professionals and enthusiasts.

3D Printing Industry – Editorial

Michael Molitch-Hou – Editor-in-Chief

Michael Molitch-HouMichael is Editor-in Chief of 3D Printing Industry and the founder of The Reality™ Institute, a service institute dedicated to determining what’s real and what’s not so that you don’t have to.  He is a graduate of the MFA Critical Studies & Writing Program at CalArts, and a firm advocate of world peace.  Michael currently resides in Oregon with his beautiful wife, Danielle.

Twitter: @RealityInc

Tyler Koslow

Tyler KoslowTyler Koslow is a contributing writer for 3D Printing Industry, and has also written content for Dell, Brooklyn Magazine, and more. Tyler is also a habitual instrument player, photo taker, and fun haver. Tyler received a Bachelor’s degree studying English-Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida in 2008.

Twitter: @tykoslow

Andrew Wheeler

Andrew WheelerAndrew Wheeler is a 3D printing and technology journalist. He studied Creative Writing at NYU and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. He is currently working on a multi-media science fiction project. His favorite journalist of all time is George Orwell.

Twitter: @3dprintjournal

Tarun Tampi

Tarun TampiBased in Mumbai, India, Tarun Tampi is a mechanical engineer with a flair for writing and a passion for 3D printing. He once built a vertical wind turbine and personally urged the winds to light a bulb. As a technical writer for the manufacturing sector – covering technology and business – he is proud to have introduced additive manufacturing into the editorial of one peer-reviewed B2B publication. He has worked at one of India’s foremost industrial 3D printing companies and has experienced first-hand, how the magic of 3D printing is making the manufacturing world flat.

3D Printing Industry – Contributors

Danielle Matich

Laura KobyleckyDanielle Matich is a photographer and the Founder and Editor of LipServiceMag.com, a website with a satirical look at beauty and style magazines marketed towards women. Danielle currently resides in Oregon with her magical husband, Mike, their bearded dragon, Shanté, and their sadistic cat, Andre.

Twitter: @DanielleMatich

Davide Sher

Davide SherDavide was born in Milan, Italy and moved to New York at age 14, which is where he received his education, all the way to a BA. He moved back to Italy at 26 and began working as an editor for a trade magazine in the videogame industry. As the market shifted toward new business models Davide started working for YouTech, the first iPad native technology magazine in Italy, where he discovered the world of additive manufacturing and became extremely fascinated by its incredible potential. Davide has since started to work as a freelance journalist and collaborate with many of Italy’s main generalist publications such as Corriere della Sera, Panorama, Focus Italy and Wired Italy: many of his articles have revolved around the different applications of 3D printing.

Twitter: @davidesher

Laura Kobylecky

Laura KobyleckyLaura is a human person that lives on Earth. It thinks that 3D printing will help forge a stronger bond between the idea and the reality and also shorten the path between the conception and the creation. Laura is fascinated by fractals and hopes that Nessie stays hidden forever.

Evan Chavez

Evan ChavezEvan Chavez currently lives in Temple City, CA. Between bouts of teaching and attempts at athleticism, he writes, paints, and draws upon inspiration and request. Dreams of digging for dinosaur bones flitted in childhood reveries, but stints at UC Irvine and CalArts, where he received his B.A. and M.F.A respectively, allowed the arts and writing in particular to abscond with his heart and mind. He co-edits for In-Process-Inventory, a literary journal, and periodically updates his blog.

Shane Taylor

Shane TaylorShane Taylor, tinkerer & thinker, says the devices we devise evolve us – 3D printing is catalysing future equilibrium between technate & genome. He blogs & 3D prints at Dimensionext. He likes strange pizzas.

Twitter: @dimensionext

Aaron Pratt

Aaron PrattAaron Pratt is VP Marketing at Microboards Technology/Afinia. Here he shares his pragmatic views on 3D printing, how far this technology sector has come and where it can go. Coming from a 3D printer manufacturer, this feels like a breath of fresh air after being in a hot and steamy room for too long. A must read.

Amanda Darby

Amanda DarbyAmanda Darby is a freelance sculptor, model maker, CG modeler and 3D printing specialist. She is based in Bristol and works with a wide range of companies across the UK. Here she shares some of her experiences of the model making world she lives and breathes and how 3D printing has proved to be an enabling tool within that world.

Andre Wegner

Andre WegnerAndre Wegner is Founder and CEO of Authentise, a Silicon Valley based start-up building software to address intellectual property and associated 3D Printing challenges. The company recently filed a provisional patent related to forensics for 3D printed objects. Contact him under [email protected]

Ariella Brown

Ariella BrownAriella Brown has been writing regularly for the past 10 years on a wide variety of topics. As a technology writer, she has covered digital currency, big data, analytics, social media, cloud computing, and 3D printing. In her previous life, she earned a PhD in English and taught writing in several colleges. Links to her work and her social media outlets can be found on her site, WriteWayPro.net

Arjun Bharadwaj

Arjun BharadwajArjun Bharadwaj is an engineering and project management professional with six years of experience in consulting with leading FMCG companies in India and the US. His subjects of interest are planning, design, innovation and strategic development. He is also a self-confessed gadget freak and keeps abreast with all of the latest developments in the consumer technology industry. Arjun is currently pursuing his MBA from the University of Hong Kong and London Business School.

Aysu Bozkurt

Aysu BozkurtAysu Bozkurt is an industrial engineer who studied MSc in Global Marketing in London School of Business and Finance. While researching a topic for her dissertation she discovered 3D printing and became passionate about the technology, the sector and consumers. Her dissertation focused on the effects of customising homeware products using 3D printing and how this effects customer satisfaction and brand loyalty of UK homeware consumers.

Belinda Johnson

Belinda JohnsonBelinda Johnson is owner of employment research consultancy Worklab (www.work-lab.co.uk), and an Associate at the AM/3DP consultancy Econolyst (www.econolyst.co.uk). Having spent most of the last decade researching the forces that impact the way organisations work, her interest in 3D Printing stems from her belief that it is a disruptive force of the like that we rarely witness.

Ben Deighton

Ben DeightonBen Deighton is the Editor of Horizon, a magazine about EU research based in Brussels. Before taking over at Horizon, Ben was a reporter for Reuters covering start-ups and biotechnology in London and Brussels.

Charlene Flick

Charlene FlickCharlene Flick is an attorney living in New York City and working around the world. An intellectual property and technology attorney, Charlene was also the former Special Advisor for Intellectual Property at the U.S. State Department during President Clinton’s Administration. She has both a personal and professional interest in 3D Printing, greatly admires the “Maker” community, and is committed to contributing her skills and experience so as to ensure this exciting technology flourishes for the benefit of all.

Christina Chun

Christina ChunChristina Chun is passionate about 3D technology and has a love of many different genres of art. From blood and gore to the cute and fluffy as well as everything in between — she would be happy to make 3D models every day! Christina enjoys learning how things are made and how they work with knack for visualizing parts and products and how all the pieces will fit or form together.

With a generous propensity for helping, teaching and sharing what she learns with others, Christina confesses that she herself is a lifetime student and will always try to improve her art.

Colin Archdeacon

Colin ArchdeaconColin Archdeacon is a multimedia journalist based in New York City. After a five-year stint in the film industry, Colin now devotes his time to reporting on science and health issues. Colin has an innate curiosity for technology and a passion for how it can be leveraged to transform society.

Corrado Doggi

Corrado DoggiCorrado Doggi is Managing Director of Creo 3D Printers Ltd., a newborn Irish company in the 3D printing industry. Born and raised in Italy, with a long career in the design industry (architectural and industrial design), Corrado has turned to additive manufacturing to satisfy his lifelong passion for all things high-tech and innovative.

Dan Hockenson

Dan HockensonDan Hockenson is a Los Angeles-based writer and tinkerer who enjoys actualizing and thinking on all sorts of physical and mental fabrications. He earned a BA in Art from UC Santa Barbara and an MFA from California Institute of the Arts’ Critical Studies Writing Program.

Dario Marinoni

Dario MarinoniDario Marinoni’s career spans across many different areas. He began as a cameraman and video editor for Italy’s national TV Networks. He then worked as a freelance and is involved with launching one of Italy’s very first Web TV’s, in the videogame industry. In the mid 2000’s he moved on to Sky, Europe’s largest Satellite TV Networks. He then started programming digital workflows and middleware for the video industry, and began working as a Website designer. Self-taught, he developed and managed websites coding primarily using the Python language. He then united all these passions and experiences with his personal interest for making and modifying electronic equipment, developing and launching – together with Davide Sher – the 3Discover.it website, entirely dedicated to 3D printing in Italy.

David Katz

David KatzDavid Katz is a Digital Artist and President of Cascade Pass, Inc based in California.

Dr. David Sarment

Dr. David SarmentDr. David Sarment practices Periodontics and Implantology in Alexandria, Virginia. He is the author of two textbooks, the “Manual of Implant Dentistry” (Lexi-Comp) and “Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Maxillofacial Applications” (Wiley-Blackwell, in press). He is author or co-author of six book chapters and over twenty peer-reviewed scientific articles. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology.

Dr. Sarment experimented with 3D printed surgical guides by Materialise ten years ago. At the same time, he was an early user of in-office 3D radiography. He has been printing his own biomodels for about a year, combining a 3D scanning scanner with prototype software.

Derek Quenneville

Derek QuennevilleDerek Quenneville is a 3D printing evangelist and digital fabrication artist who got his start with the introduction of hobbyist 3D printers. He is heavily involved in the Maker community in Toronto, Canada and is very passionate about introducing people to the latest tools and technologies that enable creativity.

Eujin Pei

Eujin PeiDr Eujin Pei is a Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University in the United Kingdom teaching product and furniture design. His research interests centre on 4D Printing and Additive Manufacture and he is an Associate Editor for the Assembly Automation Journal.

Gary Anderson

Gary AndersonGary Anderson is a full time investor with 30 years of investing experience. He now researches and invests exclusively in companies in the high-growth 3D printing industry.

Giorgio Magistrelli

Giorgio MagistrelliDuring his twenty years in China and Asia-Pacific, Giorgio Magistrelli worked as a project manager, Advisor for Investment funds and PE firms, lawyer, banker, lobbyist and management consultant for large and small Corporations, Governments, NGOs and International Donors in emerging markets. Passionate about 3D Printing since when in Shenzhen (China) he assisted in 2011 with a demonstration of additive manufacturing, he started to study, analyze and evaluate new ventures, applications and business opportunities of the new revolution of the XXI Century. He is an active blogger and the Project Manager for the “3D Printing revolution” event on regulatory aspects which will be organized by QED Communications in Brussels (Belgium).

Graham Tromans

Graham TromansGraham has direct experience of working with additive manufacturing (AM) technologies for more than 20 years and has gained an unprecedented level of expertise when it comes to working with real AM applications in the real world both technically and strategically. A consummate professional, Graham has been involved with AM technologies since 1990 when he was responsible for the development and technology application acceptance within Rover Group. Since that time, Graham has worked with a multitude of industry-leaders including companies such as BMW, Aston Martin, Bentley Cars, Boeing Aircraft, British Aerospace, numerous F1 teams, Rolls Royce and Perkins Engines. In addition, he managed the set up of a completely new rapid prototyping (RP) facility for Land Rover and he was an advisor to Jaguar Cars in the setting up of its on-site RP facility.

Recognised around the world for his superior skills and knowledge in this technology area, Graham has been called upon to represent the UK Government’s Department of Trade and Industry on Overseas Science and Technology Expert Missions in both the USA and Japan.

Hsin-Ju Chuang

Graham TromansHsin-Ju is a UC San Diego alumni and entrepreneur who dabbles in 3D Printing.

Ivan Pope

Ivan PopeIvan Pope was involved with many early Internet developments in the UK and across the world. He started networking in 1988 while a contemporary of Damien Hirst and the YBAs at art college in London. After graduation he went on to develop an early bulletin board systems for artists, ArtNet. He invented the cybercafe at London’s ICA and was a founder of two of the first internet magazines, The World Wide Web Newsletter and .net magazine. In 1994 he founded Webmedia to professionalise the process of web site design and build. In 1996 he invented the domain name industry with the formation of NetNames. In 2000 he sold NetNames and joined the board of Netbenefit plc. He was also a founder director of Nominet. Since 2003 he has lived in Brighton with his two children and partner. He is currently creating a network of maker labs, Thingmakers and researching the 3D fabrication ecosystem.

James Coleman

James ColemanJames Coleman is a 3D printing enthusiast, and the founder of MakerStash.com, a supplier of 3d printing filaments and other maker supplies.

James Lefebvre

James LefebvreJames Lefebvre is a 3D printing enthusiast who is currently studying Mechanical Engineering and Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He’s been hooked on 3D printing since he builta RepRapPrusa Mendel 4 years ago.

Jason Lopes

Jason LopesJason Lopes is the lead systems engineer with Legacy Effects, a special effects company working on some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of all time. Unsurprisingly, therefore, Legacy Effects (formerly Stan Winston Studio) is based out of San Fernando, California. Some of Jason’s credits include Terminator Salvation, 2012, Avatar, Thor, Iron Man 1 & 2 and Cowboys & Aliens; amongst other successful TV and film productions.

Jason is a strong advocate of 3D printing — it has proved to be an invaluable tool in his 3D tool kit, along with 3D scanning, 3D design and 3D modelling. He has been operating Stratasys’ (Objet) 3D printing technology for a number of years to produce stunning visual effects. However, more recently, with the advent of professional mid-range 3D printers Jason was keen to get his hands on this type of system to see how it might support the earlier stages in the workflow at Legacy; and for the last month or so he has been working with the Makerbot Replicator 2.

Jeremy Pullin

Jeremy PullinJez began his engineering career customising industrial electric motors to order. After 12 months he was offered and completed a technical apprenticeship and followed this by completing a part time degree in mechanical engineering. He spent his early career as a production engineer for machining and finishing processes before becoming a Senior Development Engineer creating hardware and software for automated CNC machining centres. Jez first became involved in additive manufacturing / 3D printing technologies in 2002 and went on to create a Rapid Manufacturing Centre at Renishaw plc producing electronic and mechanical prototypes and production utilising both additive and conventional technologies. He currently manages and develops this department with his team of development engineers and technicians. In 2012 he was voted into a list of the top 25 most influential people in the world of additive manufacturing.

John F. Hornick + Anita Bhushan

John F. Hornick + Anita BhushanJohn Hornick has been a partner at the intellectual property (IP) law firm of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP, which is based in Washington, DC, for over twenty years. Part of his practice focuses on the IP issues of 3D printing. During his years with Finnegan, Mr. Hornick has litigated close to 100 IP cases in more than 30 U.S. federal courts in 18 states.

Anita Bhushan practices all aspects of patent law, with a particular emphasis on litigation before the U.S. district courts and the U.S. International Trade Commission. Ms. Bhushan also maintains a counseling and prosecution practice with a focus on electrical and computer technologies.

Joris Peels

Joris PeelsJoris Peels is an independent 3D printing consultant working for the 3D printing industry in business development, strategy, marketing and product development. Joris has spoken at industry conferences, writes a column for TCT Magazine and has twice been a key contributor to the desktop & consumer 3D printing sections of the Wohler’s Report. His 3D printing blog Voxelfab provides, often contrarian, analysis and insight into 3D printing. Previously Joris was the Community Manager of i.materialise and Shapeways.

Joshua Johnson

Joshua JohnsonJoshua Johnson is an avid self taught maker, machinist and designer. He has fabricated parts and assemblies for large corporations, experimental aircraft, museums, non-profits and the occasional neighbor. When not in his shop he can usually be found harassing his kids, drawing, bartering or reading reference books. His shop and studio are located in Philadelphia, PA.

Juho Vesanto

Juho VesantoJuho is a tech enthusiast with a solid background in consumer understanding and research. Strategic consulting on technology, innovation and branding processes have been a major part of Juho’s working history, but the revolution that is 3D printing has drawn him away from board rooms to spread the joyous message of a new era of design and prosumer to the masses.

Juho holds a BBA in marketing and is studying user-centered design for an MBA. 

Justin Kirby

Justin KirbyJustin Kirby is an author and digital entrepreneur who specialises in more connected and collaborative approaches for business model innovation and new product development. He started his career in the mid-80s helping the artist and inventor Jim Whiting build and tour his robotic installations. Based in Brighton, Justin recently co-founded Digimaka, a digital education initiative that runs Hack Days and other community-based events to help young people become makers not just consumers. Justin holds a MSc (Distinction) in Digital Media Production.

Kevin Quigley

Kevin QuigleyKevin Quigley is a product designer and runs his own successful agency — Quigley Design — in Shrewsbury, UK. As such, Kevin has witnessed at first hand the evolution of digital tools for product development — which includes but is in no way limited to 3D printing — over the last couple of decades.

Kit Walsh

Kit WalshKit Walsh is the Clinical Instructional Fellow at the Cyberlaw Clinic of the Berkman Center. Kit leads the Clinic’s patent practice and also focuses on free speech and privacy matters. Prior to joining the Berkman Center, Kit litigated intellectual property matters before trial courts around the country and appellate courts in Boston and Washington, D.C., in private practice. Kit has also worked for Science Commons and U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy. Kit holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a B.S. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from MIT.

Land Grant

Land GrantFor 25 years, Land Grant has written professionally — on business and technology —from his home-base in Brooklyn, New York. His byline has appeared on his work for, among others, the Economist Intelligence Unit, FedEx Global, The Exporter, Infrastructure Finance and The Journal of Commerce.

After four years of increasing interest in and blogging about 3D Printing, Land founded 3DP Media in May of 2013, as a 3D Printing & Digital Fabrication (3DP) media house, think tank, event creator/producer & system designer to better local-community commerce and common-good via the accelerating “engine” of 3DP.

Land Grant’s expertise in the 3D Printing marketplace speaks for itself. See his blog and Twitter posts, Vlogs, videos, interviews and commentary on 3DP at his headquarters site (NYC3DP.com) and through his weekly eNewsletter: This Week in NYC3DP.

Maltesh Somasekharappa

Maltesh SomasekharappaMaltesh Somasekharappa is Head of Business Strategy for Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN) and is based out of Bangalore, India. Maltesh has more than 12 years of strategy and business research background and is constantly looking to help his organization adapt and utilize the best technology. He got hooked on 3D printing in 2007 and is currently involved in experimenting with new materials, processes and 3D designs through various institutions and organizations. His focus industries are Aerospace and Healthcare where he is actively involved in re-design as well as additive manufacture of ‘smart components’ with embedded technology.

Maltesh holds a masters degree from London School of Economics.

Mark Lee

Mark LeeMark Lee teaches at a national university in Busan, South Korea and he conducts a variety of courses, including classes on transhumanism and additive manufacturing. He also supervises several student organizations and is currently organizing a student 3D design and printing users group to help further awareness about this exciting technology.

Moheeb Zara

Moheeb ZaraMoheeb Zara is currently studying Computer Science at Arizona State University in Tempe. Outside of college Moheeb is constantly constructing machines, making custom electronics and fabricating various custom items as a member of a community workspace called HeatSync Labs, with a specific interest in 3D design, 3D scanning and 3D printing. He has worked with professional grade 3D printers as well as entry-level FFF machines.

Nancy Fumero

Nancy FumeroNancy Fumero is a writer living in Los Angeles who hopes for technology that will allow for telepathic communication between kind people and trees. Interests in holography, lenticular images, and digital interfaces currently inflect her poetic practice. You can find upcoming readings and performances listed on her stylistically impoverished website fffumero.net

Oliver Fueckert

Oliver FueckertOliver is the managing director of Voltivo Group Ltd. in Taiwan leading a small group of enthusiastic individuals that are having fun developing best-in-breed consumer products for a global market. What initially started as a hobby, developed in to a new business line of 3D manufacturing consumables and accessories for the 3D printing enthusiast community. Oliver, originally from Germany, has been living in the Asia Pacific Region for the last 15 years. Before founding Voltivo in 2011, he worked for Cisco Systems and Ericsson.

Patrick Benjamin

Patrick BenjaminPatrick Benjamin is a writer living near Los Angeles.

Paul Harter

Paul HarterPaul Harter is a creative technical architect and programmer whose work ranges from installations for artists to iPad video editing apps for the BBC, 3D graphics for blue chip corporate communications and consultancy with one of the country’s top university computing departments.

Paulina Perepelkin

Paulina PerepelkinBorn in Leningrad, raised in Arizona and at home in Boston, Paulina is currently living in the Flemish Fashion capital of Antwerp, Belgium. Paulina adores fashion, elegant business models, latest tech and innovative thinking. The reason she started Additive Fashion is two fold: first and foremost to document what she is observing in the quickly evolving 3D Printing Fashion field as she writes her MBA thesis on “Potential Impact of 3D Printing upon the Fashion Industry”, and second is to help usher in the 3D Printing revolution. Graduating this Summer (2013), Paulina is currently looking for collaboration and employment opportunities.

Phil Reeves

Phil ReevesDr Phil Reeves is the managing director of Econolyst, a UK Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing consultancy firm working with both AM technology vendors and users. For more information visit www.econolyst.co.uk.

Rachel Park

Rachel ParkRachel Park is an accomplished freelance writer and editor focusing on 3D printing and associated technologies. With more than 16 years’ experience working in this emerging and dynamic market, Rachel has gained exceptional insight into the latest technologies, their applications and adoption. With a broad knowledge of the industry itself and an exceptional contact network Rachel is a passionate advocate of what 3D printing is capable of now and enjoys debating its future potential with cynics and idealists alike.

Ricardo Pirroni

Ricardo PirroniBorn into a family of restauranteurs, Ricardo Pirroni didn’t want to join the family business. For the last 20 years he has been creating things that don’t need washing up. Making things from scratch, drawing and designing things that work, that make people laugh, or think, or feel. A recognised authority on cake, he’s also a graphic designer, art director, book designer, animator and conceptualist with a love of dogs, mice, and bees.

It’s only a small step to get technical; if you’re going to create things you need to understand the processes, the technologies, the physics. So Rick and 3D printing were bound to meet and get on. It happened a few years back, while developing an idea for a mobile phone and it wasn’t even called 3D printing at the time.

The experience left a lasting impression. When he can print that, Rick will feel he’s truly arrived.

Richard Horne

Richard HorneRichard Horne, probably best known to many as RichRap, describes himself as “an Engineer at heart with a passion for making things work in the real world.” When he is not working at his day job, Rich spends a great deal of time working with a full range of 3D printers at home — his children quite like them too.

Russell Beard

Russell BeardRussell Beard is a designer — a talented and experienced one at that, and by his own admission he can be quite opinionated about issues within his sector. Russ runs his own, expanding, product design consultancy — Square Banana — and writes his own blog on the Square Banana website.

Sadaf Atarod

Sadaf AtarodSadaf Atarod is a green scientist-in-training who thinks outside the usual box! Her research is in the field of bone marrow transplantation at Haematological Sciences, Newcastle University in the UK. Sadaf is involved in transplant research and views 3D bioprinting technology as a part solution that will solve the donor organ shortages in the distant future. She is also currently involved in the planning of a 3D bioprinting project that will kick-start soon, with the aim of being able to contribute to the knowledge base of the ‘hopeful’ 3D bioprinting technology in medical research.

Scott Dunham

Scott DunhamScott Dunham is a Research Manager for Photizo Group, a change management and market research company dedicated to becoming trusted advisors to clients weathering complex technology markets. Scott covers the 3D printing industry and provides insight into market developments, ecosystem evolution and technology adoption. Download Photizo’s mobile iPhone and Android app by searching ‘Photizo Mobile’ on the iTunes or Google Play stores to get free 3D insights delivered right to your cell phone or tablet.

Sean Blaine & Tom Martz

Sean Blaine & Tom MartzSean Blaine: Sculptor by nature and science for fun. Tom is the founder of taulman3D, the dedicated 3D printing materials developer, with a focus on high strength nylon filament. Taulman3D has gained increasing traction and a stellar reputation due to widespread industry involvement and extensive, shared testing capabilities.