• http://cadonlinux.courira.ca/ Normand C.

    Hello Juho,

    I have an AO-100 which preceded the AO-101. I do agree it would be useful to get some pointers on how to set print parameters. But I have to say that you may be unfair when you say “It might not be (…) capable of going under 0.1mm heights with acceptable results”.

    Have you not wondered what those extra nozzles were for? In the very nice user manual (you don’t see many of those anymore these days), under the “Advanced usage” chapter, section 7.2 Changing Nozzles (p. 48), here’s what it says: “To achieve higher resolution parts you can change to a smaller sized nozzle, included in the printer kit. Using the 0.25mm or 0.35mm nozzles you can print at smaller layer heights to create smoother parts.”

    I have to admit I’m still figuring out the whole process so I haven’t changed to a smaller nozzle yet.