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Kentstrapper announces “markets fastest 3D printer” the ZeroHS – technical specifications and pricing

The ZeroHS, a new professional 3D printer with “unprecedented” printing speeds, has been released by the Italian company Kentstrapper. According to Kentstrapper, the ZeroHS has been “expressly designed for companies and professionals who seek maximum quality and production speed.” 

The 3D printer, the price of which has not yet been disclosed, is set to be officially announced by Kentstrapper during MECSPE 2023, which will run in BolognaFiere from March 29th to March 31st. 

Kenstrapper CEO Lorenzo Cantini has commented that, “The ZeroHS 3D printer represents an important step forward for our company. We are proud to present an excellent product to the Italian market, made with passion and commitment by our engineers and technicians.”  

Kentstrapper ZeroHS 3D printer. Photo via Kentstrapper.
The Kentstrapper ZeroHS 3D printer. Photo via Kentstrapper.

The key offerings of the ZeroHS 

The primary asset of this new printer is its speed. With a new extrusion system allowing extrusion flows to be managed on the ZeroHS, and facilitating output speeds of up to 50mm(cubic)/s, and maximum printing speeds of up to 400mm/s. Kentstrapper claims that these speeds make the ZeroHS the fastest 3D printer currently on the market. Moreover, by using new firmware, it is claimed that the printer’s CoreXY handling system is able to reduce production times by up to 80%.  

The printer’s 1kg internal reel capacity ensures that significant prints can be conducted at speed, without the risk of running out of material. Additionally, the versatility of the printer enables the use of a variety of materials for printing, including PLA, PETG, nylon, and technical plastic polymers. According to Kentstrapper, the versatility and speed of the printer guarantees “a significant increase in productivity and efficiency without compromising the quality of the final product.”

The ZeroHS 3D’s print bed features various self-calibration systems, such as Total Calibration which enables the user to automatically calibrate the whole extruder printing plate. Additionally, Adaptive Calibration facilitates the calibration of only the part of the print bed that will be occupied by the printed part, whilst Automatic alignment of the Z enables the user to align the plate to the extruder. The printer’s magnetic printing plate is also quite user friendly, allowing for easy management of printed pieces. The extractable plate can flex, aiding quick and simple detachment of the piece from the printing surface.    

Through its encoder system, the ZeroHS can also automatically perform a variety of functions. For instance, the printer can conduct out of filament detection and print recovery, detection of possible nozzle clogging, detection of under extrusion of the material, and also detection of non-flow of plastic filament. Kenstrapper’s Phoenix System power loss safeguard is also included with the ZeroHS system, enabling the printer to recover a print even after an unplanned loss of power.

Furthermore, by using a dedicated web interface, the ZeroHS can be managed completely remotely. By connecting the printer to wifi, the user can manage the print queue from a separate workstation, monitoring the print via the webcam installed inside the machine.    

Through these offerings, Kentstrapper claims that the ZeroHS provides “an efficient solution for the needs of companies in a variety of sectors, from prototyping to production.” The company also attests that this new system “will revolutionize the world of 3D printing, and Kentstrapper is proud to be leading the way in this exciting field.” To learn more about the ZeroHS, customers can visit the company’s website or contact their customer service.    

The Kentstrapper ZeroHS's extruder. Photo via Kentstrapper
The Kentstrapper ZeroHS’s extruder. Photo via Kentstrapper.

Technical specifications 

Printing technologyFused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
System Core XY
Printer dimensions550 x 650 x 700mm
Print Volume320mm x 320mm x 320mm
Printing speed 50 mm/s – 400 mm/s
Axis resolution 12.5 / 12.5 / 5 micron
Extruder operating temperature 160℃ – 350℃
Printing bed operating temperature 40℃ – 120℃
Filament OptionsPla, Abs, Laywood, Laybrick, Nylon, XT, Pla Flex, Alfapro, Alfaplus, Galaxy Pla, Petg, Carbon Petg, Carbon Pla, Asa, Polymax Pla, Pla ProHT
Number of extruders1
Warranty12/24 months on all components except hotend
Extrusion system Phaetus Rapido + UHF all-metal extruder with CHT high flow nozzles
Filament diameter1.75mm
FirmwareCustom Klipper source code 
Type of dish warmingSilicone thermal pad 
Display7 inch touch screen with usb reader and wifi, Lan, Telegram
Languages supported Italian, English 
File supported*.gcode
ProgramsCura, Simplify 3D (optional)
Nozzle diameterBrass Nozzle 0.6mm
Compliance European certification 
Connection USB, WIFI
Power requirements230 Volts 10 Amp 50-60 Hz, 600 Watt max

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Featured image shows the Kentstrapper ZeroHS 3D printer. Photo via Kentstrapper.