3D Printing

Y Soft Invests $2M in 3D Printing Prague Start-up be3D

After circling the 3D printing space for the past couple of years, Y Soft, a Brno company, recently made its move and invested $2M into be3D, a Czech manufacturer of 3D printers.

This investment (which includes a promise of $900K should the company meet its expected growth trajectory) will give Y Soft a majority, 51% ownership of be3D. By linking these two companies, be3D, as a relatively young start-up, will be given valuable business support and mentorship from experts at Y Soft in the areas of production and logistics.

b3d deegreen 3d printer

“Working together with Y Soft will significantly help be3D grow. I believe that by using Y Soft’s experience, we will succeed in globalizing our products, and significantly increase sales. Linking production, purchasing, and logistics will make the entire process, from production to sales, more efficient. Streamlining processes will bring higher margins, which will allow us to devote ourselves to the development of new products, along with the planned expansion of production,” says David Miklas, CEO and founder of be3D.

be3d deegreen 3d printing

be3D currently has two 3D printers, DeeGreen and DeeRed, with FFF technology from thermoplastics on the market that is available in both Europe and the United States.