[WEBINAR] A new approach to metal 3D printing for tooling

Mantle has developed a novel approach to a challenge facing molders, toolmakers, and OEMs. 

The toolmaking industry in North America faces two pressing concerns: lead time issues and a shortage of skilled labor. This online event gives readers the opportunity to hear from, ask questions to a company focused on delivering a solution.

Breaking the Mold.

Tool steel at the push of a button? 

For years, the reality of 3D metal printing has lagged behind the promise of cost-effective part manufacturing. Existing metal printing technologies were expensive and produced casting-quality parts that were a far cry from the surface finish and tolerances needed in many applications. A new approach was needed.

In this event, we are joined by Mantle for an exciting discussion that will dive into the world of metal 3D printing for injection mold tooling.

During the session, we’ll examine the current metal 3D printing landscape, highlighting the most popular techniques and showcasing their various applications in tooling.

We’ll then cover the latest advancements in 3D printing technology for tooling, including a detailed look at how Mantle’s technology is taking a new approach.

Through real-world examples, we’ll review how injection molders, OEMs, and tool shops leverage metal 3D printing to reduce lead times, slash costs, and alleviate labor challenges across their toolmaking.

The event will cover:

  • Toolmaking challenges faced by molders, toolmakers, and OEMs
  • The metal 3D printing landscape for tooling
  • Introduction to Mantle’s metal 3D printing technology for toolmaking and how it differs from traditional and other metal 3D printing methods
  • A detailed look at Mantle’s technology, including accuracy, surface finish, and material properties
  • Examples of how molders, toolmakers, and OEMs have implemented Mantle to reduce tooling lead times and costs

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