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WASP Resurrection Resurrects Interrupted 3D Printing Jobs

In their mission to 3D print affordable homes in third world countries, Italian 3D printer manufacturer WASP has made its own series of technological advancements, least of which is its large-format clay printing deltabot.  Also in its pursuit of affordable home printing, the company developed a bit of software that, though it may seem minor, is both important for house printing and 3D printing of any kind.  WASP calls it the Resurrection System and the premise is simple: if, for any reason, your print has been stopped, the WASP printing software will remember where it left off and be able to continue printing from that same point when printing begins again.

What you’ll see in the video below is the Delta WASP pause a print, saving its last coordinates to an SD card in a file called “resurrection.g”. Along with the SD card, WASP has also installed a buffer battery in their printers for situations in which a power supply issue shuts down the machine.  With a small battery, the machine is able to record this location just before fully power is shut off to the machine. The Italian company has implemented this feature on all of their 3D printers and, as with all of their products, the feature has been made open source so that others can develop their own similar solutions for their own machines.

You can understand how such a feature might be useful in 3D printing large structures.  The WASP crew needed to be able to pause the printing of large structures and continue where they left off the next day.  Though obviously helpful in big endeavors, it’s equally useful for your average 3D printer user, as well.  For the full details on how Resurrection works, you can read the WASP blogpost on the topic.