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WARNING: This DIY Bear Trap is for Trapping Bears ONLY

The constant threat of bears can produce a fear so incapacitating that it becomes difficult to even attend to daily responsibilities, such as going to work or grooming our pets.  Sitting at home with our blinds drawn in the terror that a bear might tear us apart, limb from limb, if we set foot outdoors – the threat of bears reduces our lives to an almost meaningless state.  Heck, even a stuffed teddy is enough to trigger a total emotional collapse.  I know what you’re thinking: “There’s got to be a better way!”

Like many problems in life, 3D printing offers a perfect solution.  In the case of unrelenting bear attacks, Thingiverse user idea_beans has developed an idea bean that will put our minds at ease: the 3D-printed bear trap.  Easy to assemble, TRAP!, is one collection of .stl files that you won’t be able to live without.  Unfortunately, you might not be able to travel with it either.  One user on Thingiverse tried to bring the printed bear trap past New Zealand customs and had it taken away.  The feds are always trying to limit the individual’s right to bear arms!

beartrap 3D PRinting

So, can you tell it’s Friday? In reality, TRAP! is not dangerous enough to catch a bear, or even a banana, as you can tell from the video on the Idea Beans Facebook page.

Idea Beans Ltdidea_beans is actually a Thingiverse extension of New Zealand’s Idea Beans Ltd., a one-person operation run by Sarah Lin (see CV here).  Idea Beans, aside from creating cool looking and practical Thingiverse models, is a consultancy and design agency that can help clients through any stage of the prototype and design process, including designing, printing, scanning and brainstorming.  So, if you need a dull-edged bear trap or a lens holder for your Kinect (with which to attach reading glass lenses to enhance your Reconstruct Me scanning) for your next project, Idea Beans might be right for you.

Source: Thingiverse