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Voxel8 Receives Funding for Multi-Material Electronics 3D Printing

There’s a new company called Voxel8 set to make a breakthrough in 3D printing in 2015, but they’ve been keeping a tight lid on their activities, waiting to make a big splash at CES in just a couple of weeks.  Today, however, Braemar Energy Ventures, has officially announced their investment in the 3D printing start-up and details about Voxel8’s activities is slowly being released and we can now tell you that the company is in the process of creating the world’s first multi-material 3D electronics printer for printing embedded electronics.

Voxel8 is Harvard University spin-out, founded by none other than Dr. Jennifer A. Lewis, Wyss Professor of Biologically Inspired Engineering.  You may recognize Dr. Lewis from her work at the University of Illinois, where she and her team created a 3D printed a miniature lithium-ion battery.  Licensing her patents from Harvard and U of I, Dr. Lewis is commercializing the technology, soon to give engineers and designers the ability to 3D print multi-material objects with embedded electronic components.  Her research has also led to a range of unique 3D printing materials and processes, including the printing of ceramics, stretchable sensors, and a lightweight and extremely stiff composite material.

3D printed lithium ion battery from jennifer lewis voxel8

Dr. Jiong Ma, Partner at Braemar, says of the investment, “Voxel8 is pushing the limits of the design and manufacturing of electronic devices with a 3D printing platform that enables users to move beyond the prototype printing phase. The company’s technology enables the mass customization of smart devices in new form factors without the cost and waste of the traditional supply chain. Braemar is thrilled to support Dr. Lewis and her talented team in the early stages of Voxel8’s growth.”

Dr. Lewis added, “I am excited to leverage over a decade of research to transform the way devices are manufactured. Through the support of investors like Braemar, we are able to bring our ground-breaking technology to the mass market.”

The company will unveil its first commercial product at CES, from January 6-9, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV and can be found at booth #71726 in the Sands Exhibition Hall.  Though details about the 3D printing systems is being kept under wraps until then, speaking with Voxel8’s head of Business Development, I can say that it will be extremely exciting.  So, stay tuned! Until then, you can hear a tiny bit more about the start-up from its CEO below:

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