Virtual Reality Summit Added to Inside 3D Printing & RoboUniverse

After already tackling the world of 3D printing, proliferating its Inside 3D Printing conferences worldwide, MecklerMedia Corporation has expanded to the worlds of robotics and virtual reality.  The RoboUniverse event has already grown from preliminary events in a couple of locations to moving into several more worldwide locations, with more to come.  After the success of the Virtual Reality Summit at Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara, MecklerMedia has announced that it will be expanding the VR-focused portion of the event to further locations as well, both at RoboUniverse and Inside 3D Printing conferences.

mike using VR at Inside 3D Printing
Me at the VR Summit in Santa Clara. Photo by Danielle Matich.

The Virtual Reality Summit will now be co-located at the Inside 3D Printing and RoboUniverse events in Singapore, New York, Dubai, Seoul, and San Diego, with the goal of allowing attendees to learn about the use of VR technology in all of its applications, from gaming to industry.  Along with news of the expansion, MecklerMedia also announced that it has partnered with the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) to co-produce the Virtual Reality Summit in Seoul, South Korea, on  June 22-24, 2016.

Of the event series, Alan Meckler, Chairman and CEO of MecklerMedia, said, “After a series of successful 3D printing and robotics events in Seoul, we are thrilled to partner with KINTEX to launch our latest conference, the Virtual Reality Summit, in Seoul, South Korea. With our global expansion, we hope to serve the industry by providing a platform for innovators across the globe to come together and shape the future of VR.”

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