Verizon & MakerBot Are Giving Away Free 3D Printed Phone Cases

It seems as though MakerBot has become the 3D printing company that Makers love to hate, according to the comments on our articles. Well, today, they’ve partnered with everyone’s favorite ISP and communications monopoly, Verizon, to make matters better or worse, depending on your perspective. With a marketing campaign called #WhyNotWednesday, MakerBot is aiming to 3D print as many phone cases for Verizon customers as possible.

All Verizon customers have to do to get a free 3D printed phone case is enter their phone number on this page, select their device, choose a design and color, and MakerBot will do the rest. The campaign is only running from noon to 4 pm EST today, so get ’em while you can!

Doesn’t quite make up for what Verizon tried to do to Net Neutrality, but it’s something? If you’re favorite thing to do is to yell at companies on Twitter, then you can follow along with the marketing campaign here.