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VEND – The Totally 3D Printed Candy Dispenser

VEND is a completely 3D printed, real quarters accepting candy dispenser, posted by ErikJDurwoodll on Thingiverse. You might be wondering if the design files include candies also, but as I discovered to my personal disappointment, it’s just the machine. Regardless, this is a very cool project, and has surely required significant skills to put together.

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VEND has been designed to keep away candy-hungry robbers, the back is secured with a padlock. Money is kept safe by the back hatch, which also secures access to the coin mechanism’s locking pins. A collar around the jar keeps it in place.

This version of VEND should be every kid’s favorite: for one quarter, the buyer gets about a full buck’s worth of M&Ms, Skittles, Mike and/or Ikes, Chiclets or glass marbles! (This might be changed soon though.)

All of the STL files for VEND are downloadable via Thingiverse. The prototype is still waiting to be tested, so more updates to come soon.

Have a look at the video:


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