3D Printing

UrbanManufacturing, powered by iMakr, goes live in London

For its 3 year anniversary, iMakr is delighted to launch UrbanManufacturing, a new range of 3D services, at its London flagship store.

Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing facilities have steadily retreated away from city centres—a trend that began here in the UK.  Now, with 3D printers getting ever faster, smaller and more powerful, local manufacturing once again becomes possible.  UrbanManufacturing at iMakr London is the first modern incarnation of manufacturing on the high street. Welcome to the industrial revolution 3.0.




So what is UrbanManufacturing?

UrbanManufacturing offers a full suite of 3D services from concept to production, with its Design on Demand, Scan on Demand and Print on Demand offerings.

With Design on Demand all customers can realise their product ideas as 3D printable files.  With Scan on Demand, customers can digitise their favourite physical objects as 3D printable files.  With Print on Demand, digital objects are turned into beautiful physical products.

These services are made possible at the iMakr store London thanks to a diverse assembly of 3D printing and scanning technologies and a team of expert makers, 3D designers and engineers.

”After 3 years of selling and testing best in class 3D printers and scanners and working with world class 3D designers, I believe iMakr is uniquely placed to lead the way in the next industrial revolution,” says Eric Savant, iMakr CEO. “We see UrbanManufacturing as the logical next step for our company and the industry.”

To benefit from these services please visit the UrbanManufacturing page at iMakr.com.  If you’d like to see it in action, feel free to visit us at 79 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5AR.

If you would like to participate in any way in the expansion of UrbanManufacturing, please contact us on [email protected]