Ultra Clean Holdings Opens a New 3D Printing Center in Singapore

Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc, (UCT) expands its market reach by acquiring 3D printing service company Prototype Asia and launching a new Additive Manufacturing Center in Singapore. As a developer and supplier of critical subsystems for the consumer, medical device, energy, semiconductor capital equipment, and flat panel industries, UTC understands the value of offering 3D printing services to its customers in a wide variety of industries.

“We are excited to base our new 3D Printing service in Singapore where we benefit from a stable business environment, a rich pool of talent and the government’s enthusiastic support of advanced manufacturing technologies. We will start providing our services during Q1 2015,” said Lavi Lev, SVPUCT Asia.

UCT 3d printing senter singapore

The new Singapore 3D Printing Center will support:

  • high-quality stereolithography
  • selective laser sintering
  • fused deposition modeling
  • wax jetting
  • direct metal laser sintering

It will also offer services to develop Intellectual Property focusing on parts optimizing and re-engineering for weight reduction and material savings, thereby enabling custom, on-demand, consumer product manufacturing.

To learn more about UCT, please check out their site here.

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