3D Platforms

Twitter now supports Sketchfab embeds

We’ve been expecting this day for a long time! Twitter has added native Sketchfab support. The news is confirmed on the website of Sketchfab on September 19.

Easy to embed

The method is similar to what we could do with Sketchfab viewer in facebook — the media brother has enabled the embedding more than one year ago.  Specifically, the steps are: upload a 3D model or scene; get a link that’s pretty much the same as a YouTube link; add the given link to a Sketchfab model in Twitter post window, then it will be automagically turned into a real-time 3D viewer.

The latest feature from Sketchfab brings 3D models even closer to everyone of us. With one click, people can experience the model in their web browser. This 3D scene can be loaded up in a headset like a Vive or a Rift attached to the computer with just one more click of the “VR” button. All this can happen from inside a single tweet.

Time to show your 3D creations on Twitter

This is no doubt a good news for 3D deisngers. They will now be able to take full advantage of the world’s biggest social media platform in their drive to share and sell a greater number of their creations. What happens on facebook will recur on Twitter — popular 3D models could seize their chance to truly go ‘viral’ as users comment, like and share their favorites on their Twitter streams.  I personally is looking forward to see how Sketchfab is going to grow with this fusion of passion.

“Today’s move continues the trend of Sketchfab becoming the de-facto media player for 3D and VR content globally, adding Twitter support to its already impressive list of supporters including Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and WordPress. Sketchfab offers the only solution to share and explore 3D and VR content from these platforms and we want to add many others to the list. These strategic partnerships make Sketchfab the best solution to bring more than a million 3D and VR experiences to the broadest audience. As VR interest continues to grow, Sketchfab continues to be one of the best tools to evangelize this interactive and immersive medium.” (Corentin from Sketchfab )

Here is the 3D scene mixed with the Bluebird and Sketchfab logo. I was able to embed the scene on this webpage just by grabbing the Twitter embed code.